September 18, 2013

New Forgeworld Word Bearers stock...

I've been waiting for the release of Book 2 of Forgeworlds Horus Heresy series for sometime and this month its due to be go on sale.  The book includes the Word Bearers and Im also expecting the remainder of the year to see a gradual release of Word Bearer specific models to fit the new book.

First on the rank and Word Bearer shoulder pads and Vehicle doors all with the old style Word Bearers icon of the burning book.  I will definately be ordering some of these but face a little problem... do I take the existing shoulder pads of my current models all of which are painted and have had the shoulder pads superglued on and replace them with these new ones without wrecking the models?

Ideas would be greatly appreciated...

MkII Shoulder Pads

MkIII Shoulder Pads

Rhino Doors

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Tane said...

Upgrade your existing models? Come on, that's not the GW/FW way!

The answer is obvious. Buy new ones. Brand spanking new resin models to play with. And bin the old ones. Don't put them on Trade Me or e-Bay, that path leads to evil and damnation.

That's the GW/FW way!

Um, and I don't know how to get the superglue off. I tend to use carefully applied force, which sometimes works, sometimes doesn't and sometimes results in catastrophic damage. I have read that putting them in the freezer weakens the glue, allowing them to be prized off easier. That might help.