September 28, 2013

Ogre Slaughtermaster completed

Found this model a lot of fun to paint, so much so I got it completed far quicker than I would have thought.  As its nearly all skin I felt it needed something to make it stand out more so decided to add some painted symbols for extra effect.  The claw like pattern on the stomach is the symbol I use on all of my Ogre banners, the other stuff is just random decoration.  Turned out pretty well so considering how to do something similar across the rest of my army.

Finally a straight comparison - GW Butcher on the left - Scibor Miniatures Slaughterer on the right
Scibor have a 1-2 other Ogre miniatures and if they match this one in terms of quality, sculpt and joy to paint I am definately going to have to get them.  But for the immediate future particularly the NZ Team Champs in March a few more Leadbelchers and at least 2 more Mournfang are key items on my Ogre shopping list.

Next models to get some painting treatment are:
  • 2 x Ogre Sabretusks
  • Lizardman Carnosaur
  • Word Bearers MkII armoured Assault Squad


Scott said...

Very nice job John, suitably loathsome!

Monty Luhmann said...

The skintones and the runes really work here. Nicely done!