September 15, 2013

Ogres take 7th place at Warpfire

Back from Warpfire a 1000pt Adepticon Scenario based WHFB tournament in Wellington last night.  It was a fantastic event 1000-1200pt games are always a lot of fun and everybody on the day was in a great mood.  What was great to see was the mix of armies on display with only Skaven failing to make an appearance.

My 1000pt Ogre army - Butcher, Bruiser BSB, 5 Ironguts, 2 lots of 2 Mournfang and the Ironblaster
Somehow I managed to take 7th place in the event only my 3rd Top 10 finish and 2nd with Ogres something I was pleasantly surprised by.  Its always strange to hear the results called out and wonder why your name hasn't cropped up in the lower half of the field as it usually does.

The Adepticon scenarios were a great addition to the event awarding bonus BP for every terrain piece you captured and additional BP for other objectives.  Only downside of the event was the bug I picked up from someone felt like arse on the drive back and still do this morning.  Couldn't even stay awake to watch the All Blacks beat South Africa.

Game 1 vs. Neil Williamson (Brettonians)
I enjoy playing Neil as he is such a nice bloke plus a great WHFB player.  This scenario awarded bonus points for killing your opponents core and preserving your own.  Not good for me as my core consisted of 5 Ironguts whereas Neil had 20+ Knights.  It was a game in which the person who got off the first charge would get the win.  Neil played very well and set himself up in a better position than me.  While I managed to kill a few Knights - none with the Ironblaster - Neil eventually tabled me.

Result - Loss 5 BP

Up against Neils colourful Brettonians
 Game 2 vs Jeff Kent (Orcs n Goblins)
Jeff was taking a quasi-Dwarf list lots of warmachines and one big block of Savage Orcs from which he 6 diced Foot of Gork every turn.  Jeff castled up and basically pulverised my guys as they crossed the board.  Misfires and miscasts on his part killed more Orcs than I managed to and in the end I only had my Butcher left on the table but did manage to pick up a single bonus point.

Result - Loss 5 BP + 1 Bonus Point

Game 3 vs. Simon Switzer (Dwarfs)
Simon had 2 blocks of 30 Warriors with GW, a BSB, Runesmith and Cannon.  In his first two games he had amazingly bad luck and did not have a good weekend.  Although he did get to enjoy having the mickey taken out of him by everyone at the event.  Basically I charged in and wiped him out but it was close.  Both Mournfang units hit one of his 30 Warrior blocks but only killed 8 Dwarfs in the first round.  His 2nd block flanked charged the Mournfang and the my Ironguts got involved. Bonus points in this scenario came from kiling your opponents General (+3) and any caster including Runesmiths (+1 each), as well as terrain captures.  I directed a whole pile of attacks at Simons Runesmith General killing him and then did the same at his BSB removing his re-rolls.  The Mournfang got wiped out but Simon was down to approx. 15 Warriors who went chasing my Butcher - who had taken wounds from moving through a venom thicket.  The Ironguts then hit his Warriors in the rear and wiped them out but not before his cannon had hit and failed to wound them.  If he had I would have had to take a Panic test on L8 which would have given him the win had I failed

Result - Win 15 BP + 5 Bonus Points

Mournfang fight it out with Simons Dwarfs

Game 4 vs Caleb Rouse (High Elves)
Caleb was fielding my High Elves with 2 lots of Reavers, some Archers, a mounted BSB, Fire Mage and Frostheart.  The Ironblaster finally worked in this game and scored 4 wounds of the Frostheart in Turn 1 and I then got a whole pile of charges of which saw the Mournfang go rampaging through his units.  With everything but the Frostheart dead he had no choice but to run it into me and try to kill something before I took its last wound.  Bonus points in this scenario came from having your general in a 18" box around the centre.

Result - Win 15 BP + 7/8 Bonus Points

Game 5 vs. Stu Robinson (WoC)
Stu had an unkillable Lord on a disc, 2 Chimeras, a Chariot and a small unit of Warriors.  The scenario created an 18" box around the centre of the table within which any unit took D6 S1 magical hits with no AS at the end of every turn.  Bonus points came from having the most Fortitude in the box, terrain and fortitude in the box (Max 2). I decided to play save and force him to advance across the 18" box while letting the Ironblaster take out his Chimeras.  I was never going to hurt his Lord so planned to stay as far away from him as possible.  Stu - who I always enjoy playing against as he is a incredibly nice guy - got unlucky when the Ironblaster nearly killed one Chimera and then the 2nd took 3 wounds crossing the 18" area.  When it and his Lord on the Disc charged my Ironblaster it managed to kill the Chimera before dying itself.  The 2nd Chimera was killed by Mournfang and the Chariot by the Ironguts.  The game ended in a draw though as we were even on points lost and neither of us was in a position to force a win with our units chasing eachother around the board.

Result - Draw 10 BP + 7 Bonus Points

Overall Results - 2 Wins, Draw, 2 Losses -  50 BP + 20/21 Bonus points

I also managed to score 20/25 for painting which was pretty cool especially as Locky was being particularly hard on applying the standards.  My list worked well but the Butcher was a waste of points and a Firebelly would have been better and far more useful. The Ironblaster didnt do much until Game 4 & 5 and my core was too small.
Tables 1 - 3

Also learnt the hard way the impact of the new rule which sees Standard Bearers die when they flee.  While I maxed out my standards to gain Scenario points it also cost me as whenever the Mournfang fled they auto-died as usually the only model left was the Standard Bearer
Tables 4 - 6
Tables 7 - 9
Tables 10 - 12

Next event is Skitterleap which I should be taking Dwarfs too but I might switch to Ogres.  After that we have Vermintide in November 1200pts of WHFB in which my Ogres will definately get another outing after finishing 12th there last year.

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