September 2, 2013

Warpfire 2013 Army List submitted

Fired off my army list for my next WHFB tournament 1000pts at Warpfire in roughly two weeks time.  After my usual period of indecision and dwarf fanaticism I've opted to take Ogres (as originally planned) in the form of:

Butcher - 100pts
w. Lore of Great Maw, Level 1
Bruiser - 149pts
w. Heavy Armour, Charmed Shield, Dragonbane Gem, Battle Standard, Lookout Gnoblar
5 x Ironguts - 255pts
w. Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of Swiftness
2 x Mournfang - 160pts
w. Musician, Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour, Ironfists
2 x Mournfang - 160pts
w. Musician, Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour, Ironfists
Ironblaster - 170pts


6pts left over but I have nothing I can spend it on. Could take 8 Bulls instead of 5 Ironguts and was trying to sneak in a Tyrant and a BSB but it would have meant fewer units on the ground.  Original plan was for 2 Sabretusks and no BSB but I don't feel like getting Lore of Death'd all day long without one. 

Dwarfs would have been cool but I enjoyed playing Vermintide with Ogres at 1200pts so went with my gut and submitted Ogres for Warpfire as well.  It is still Dwarfs for Skitterleap though - if I get my display board done in time.


Tane said...

Gutstar, double Mournfang, Ironblaster... Looks nasty. I guess it has some vulnerability being restricted to Ld7.

Looking forward to this tournament, it should be a lot of fun. See you there mate

John Murrie said...

Yeah leadership is going to be an issue - did think about Tyrant with L9 or Crown of Command but can't fit them in within the 250pt Hero cap or do so while making list workable.

Not having Sabretusks hurts though need some chaff and redirectors.

Definately going to be fun, enjoyed Vermintide last year and did well with a similar list so hoping for the same here.