September 23, 2013

WIP - Dwarf Display Board Battlements completed

Finished the battlements for my display board last night after doing some online research to check out various Medieval castle structures.  Ideally Id love to build some murder holes, archery slits and the other defensive structures you see on castles of that period but my building skills aren't that great.

Even so the end result was better than I though it would be.  Next stop is some serious painting time although you'd be surprised how hard it is to find dark coloured paints that dont come in GW pot sizes.  Used some Grey kids poster paint to get the first layer done but need more colours than that to finish it off.

Also need to figure out how to make a bulk lot of various washes to help with detailing.  I might even get this finished in time for Skitterleap in October.  While I am not going club mate Caleb Rouse has stepped in to take my spot and is going to take my Dwarfs with him; his stated intention is to see what it scores painting wise.  Painting scores being a hot topic among WHFB gamers in this part of NZ at the moment - check out Fields of Blood or Kiwihammer if you really want to join in.

Warmachine emplacement - ill sculpt a door behind it to show where the crew when enter/exit the position
Angled crenalations on the battlements are intended to give archers a wider field of fire while restricting that of attackers below.
Battlements around the top level warmachine emplacements have been pushed out from the mountain to (a) fit them in and (b) to simulate how many castle battlements did extend out over the wall
The Anvil of Doom isn't something I include in my army's but I might build a stone platform in this position to place it for display purposes.

There are quite a few gaps between many of the balsa wood bricks and the surrounding mountain.  This is OK though as the plan is to fill them with pieces of foliage from the Miniatur Range, basically the stuff I use for Flames of War.  You can get some excellent pieces from them including long strands of Ivy as well as the usual gruss and flower tufts.


Scott said...

It coming on nicely John :-)

John Murrie said...

Thanks mate :) Not even close to your terrain efforts though but Im trying :)

Anonymous said...

Some nice work here. I can't wait to see the finished product.