September 25, 2013

WIP - Dwarf Display board: Rune inscribed main gate & painting all done

Big progress on my Display board over the last couple of days.  I had always planned to put runes around the main gate of the Hold but was struggling to source a suitable material for carving them into.  So the other night I sat down with some match sticks and various random bits of balsa wood and made a main gate complete with runes from scratch.Its turned out better than I could have hoped and really adds to the overall effect of the board.  Painting wise I have finished the board after applying a darker grey coat and several layers of drybrushing with each successive layer slightly lighter than the one before.

Door frame glue into position - just needs some filler around the edges to plug the gaps and then I'll paint it up.
The door frame complete with Rune's (all from the current army book).  One corner is painted as I wanted to see how the bare balsa wood would absorb it as the match sticks were of a slightly different consistency to the blocks used on the battlements.

The centre runes.  KT for Karak Thorinkin with the Master Rune of Grungi in the middle.  The KT runes match those found on all of my armies Standards.
$4 a tube and well worth it.
Got a HUGE bag of match sticks from the local $2 shop - a surprisingly good source of modelling supplies as it turns out.
Reinforcing on the back of the frame to help hold it together
Not the KT on each banner matches the KT above the main gate.
Statue of Thorin Metalturner founder and quasi-god of Karak Thorinkin
Budget paint from one of the many thrift shops only $2 a bottle.
Final steps will include a bit of filler around the door frame to tie it into the mountain better, painting the door frame and application of flock, stones and grass tufts on the ground and tufts in between some stones on the battlements.  The idea being to tie the look of the board together with the basing theme of my Dwarven army.

Looking good for getting this finished ready for the 2014 Tournament season.  This kicks off with a 4000pt event in January and then the NZ Team Championships in February.  For the latter event I made a final decision the other night that I will be taking Ogres not High Elves as frankly I'm kind of over High Elves right now.


Scott said...

Nicely done mate! Love the runes :-)

Mark Stanton said...

Looking great. Love the detail in the runes and the ramparts.
Well done

Andrew Saunders said...

Superb work

Chase said...

The runes over the gate look awsome, keep up the good work :)