September 2, 2013

WIP - Lizardman Carnosaur & Dwarf Display Board

More painting time tonight and a bit of assembly work on my Dwarf display board.  Focus of the painting was on Jeff's Carnosaur beginning with the top half of the model.  The display boards layout I finalised the other night so tonight I aseembled it by inserting balsa wood rods through the various pieces. 

Also have a couple of offcuts that I am using a test pieces for painting, sealer, glue and filler to get the best results.  The Scibor Miniatures Dwarven terrain pieces which arrived the other day have also worked out really well and add a little something extra.  

Initial assembly - still need to add another layer of bricks to increase the height
The largest Scibor piece works well as a gate guardian.
The balsa wood rods to help with structural integrity - using various off cuts to test the best type of glue to stick things together with.
Only a few layers on the Carnosaur so far.  Foundation colours Blue/Grey on the upper and lower halves followed by Nightshade wash.  Regal Blue on the upper half to tidy up the scales followed by Enchanted Blue and then a mix of Regal Blue & a Vallejo Light Blue. 

Will get another Blue Wash and then at least 2 more layers of highlights. 


PaW said...

how strong is the florist stuff?
Is a cheap?

John Murrie said...

Hey mate have added a new post which hopefully answers these for you :)