October 30, 2013

Forgeworld Horus Heresy Book 2 is here!!!!!!

It arrived... it arrived... it arrived... home from work yesterday to find the package I've been waiting for what seems like an age on my front doorstep.  Inside was Forgeworlds Horus Heresy Book 2 - Massacre and I have to say it was even better, no more than better, than i had expected.


Bound in beautiful black leather with embossed gold lettering, silver edged pages and hard metal engraved corners every page looks amazing.  Only had time to skim through a few pages last night but will be reading it all tonight.  For the Word Bearers fan the book promises a couple of new units that FW should be releasing soon amongst them the 'Gal Vorbak' one of the most tragic (IMO) story arcs in the HH series, and one of my favourites.

Might have to order the first book now just to ensure I have the complete set.

In other gaming/hobby news absolutely nothing is happening at the moment hence the lack of posts this month.  Cricket season is underway so my gaming days are over until March next year when the New Zealand WHFB Team Champs kick off.

I have a huge pile of miniatures to finish between now and then but plan on concentrating on the High Elf army I am going to use at the NZTC.

October 17, 2013

High Elves @ 2400pts - evolving tournament list

Now that I have two of the IoB Griffons I'm dead keen on using both of them at once in any future High Elf list especially for local tournaments.  So far I've had mixed success with it finding that either my play style hadn't evolved to suit it or that I wasn't using it effectively.  A key weakness of the original version of the list was the lack of shooting necessary to take out enemy chaff and keep them busy while the big flyers moved in for the kill.  Giving the latest variation of the list a run tonight against Hamish's Ogres.  My first game with High Elves for sometime, should be fun.

High Elf 'Griffon' Tournament List

Eltharion the Grim - 490pts
w. Stormwing & Lore of Beasts 

WS8 I8 A4 S6 with no AS for Eltharion & WS6 S5 I7 A4 ASF for Stormwing.  Lots of hurt, plus Stormwing gets Terror & Thunderstomp and creates a nice 18" bubble for Eltharions L10.

Noble - 310pts
w. Battle Standard, Dragon Armour, Sword of Might, Charmed Shield, Golden Crown, Griffon, Swiftsense

3+ AS, 2+ WS vs. first hit, 2+WS vs. first wound, 6+ WS and 2+ WS vs. Flaming (inc. mount as per Dragon Armour rules).  Only S5 but he's still horrible to face in combat.  

Noble - 145pts
w. Barded Steed, Dragon Armour, Ogre Blade, Enchanted Shield, Luckstone

1+ AS with a single re-roll.  Basically a nice little combat character to chuck into stuff. 

Mage - 145pts
w. Level 2, Scroll, Lore of Fire

Blah mage, goes with an Archer unit to spam MM at people.  

15 x Archers - 170pts
w. Standard & Musician

15 x Archers - 160pts
w. Musician

15 x Archers - 160pts
w. Musician

5 x Reavers - 95pts
w. Musician, Bows instead of Spears

5 x Reavers - 95pts
w. Musician, Bows instead of Spears

7 x Dragon Princes - 248pts
w. Full Command, Lichebone Pennant

BoWD is available but Lichebone Pennant makes takes their Dragon Armour WS to 5+ which is reasonable and a lot cheaper.  Mounted noble will go with this unit.

Frostheart - 240pts

Bolt-Thrower - 70pts

Bolt-Thrower - 70pts

Look more shooting!!!

TOTAL 2,398pts

So lots of shooting 45 shots @ S3 plus the two RBT's (am going to have to buy a couple more) plus MM spam from the L2 Mage.  It does put all my eggs in 3 baskets so to speak with the Griffons and Frostheart but it also requires any opponent to divert their shooting a bit.

For those that know me they'll see that this is a huge shift from my normal infantry based lists - up to know I have never liked HE cavalry and while DP are still pants in combat they are mobile which is the whole point of their inclusion.

We'll see how we go tonight....

Hobby wise news in general I'm in a bit of a rut at the moment with no real idea what project to pick up next... just waiting waiting waiting for Forgeworld to post out Book 2 Massacre!!! 1 more day till they do!!!

October 3, 2013

Dwarf Display board is finished!!!

Finally completed everything I wanted to do on my display with the addition of some tufts, vines and flowers to add a bit of colour.  For the runes over the gate I had originally painted them Dwarven bronze but it just didnt look right so re-painted them to match the stonework - the overall result is much better.

Pictures aren't that great but I hope you enjoy them and get a decent view of what the finished product looks like...  going to be a few months till it gets an outing so I have more time to build one for my Ogres now.

Waiting on Wordbearers... please hurry up Forgeworld

So many new releases relating to the Horus Heresy this month revealed by Forgeworld at the UK Gamesday.  I know they are going to come out eventually but honestly the wait is doing my head in.  My budgets all sorted, the funds are all ready, all I need is for the items to be put onto Forgeworlds site so I can place an order....

...patience has never been one of my virtues unfortunately... so all I have to wet my appetite are the following pictures...

Word Bearers - Ashen Circle
Kor Phaeron & Erebus

Also still waiting on an updated FAQ from Games Workshop for the latest High Elves armybook.  Massacre, Erebus and Kor Phaeron will be first up on any order which will be around 120 pounds in total.  And despite playing Word Bearers I definately want to order the new Space Marines Codex simply because its such a fantastic looking book.