October 3, 2013

Waiting on Wordbearers... please hurry up Forgeworld

So many new releases relating to the Horus Heresy this month revealed by Forgeworld at the UK Gamesday.  I know they are going to come out eventually but honestly the wait is doing my head in.  My budgets all sorted, the funds are all ready, all I need is for the items to be put onto Forgeworlds site so I can place an order....

...patience has never been one of my virtues unfortunately... so all I have to wet my appetite are the following pictures...

Word Bearers - Ashen Circle
Kor Phaeron & Erebus

Also still waiting on an updated FAQ from Games Workshop for the latest High Elves armybook.  Massacre, Erebus and Kor Phaeron will be first up on any order which will be around 120 pounds in total.  And despite playing Word Bearers I definately want to order the new Space Marines Codex simply because its such a fantastic looking book.

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Scott said...

If I ever get my Reich Chapter Marine Company done, we'll have to have a game!