November 28, 2013

What WHFB army should you collect? Quiz proves Dwarfs are AWESOME

Pete Dunn over at Fields of Blood linked through to an interesting quiz which "apparently" assesses which WHFB army best suits you.  Its a bit dated as it mentions Hordes of Chaos but was still fun to take.

Surprise surprise my results were (the higher the % the more suited to that army you are):

Dwarfs 70% - shouldn't they be everyones first pick?

Bretonnia 45% - too many horses to paint, I hate painting horses

Vampire Counts 40% - tried them got bored with them sold them

Beasts of Chaos 40% - cool army and would be fun to paint

The Empire 40% - never interested me to be honest

Tomb Kings 35% - too much like VC

Ogre Kingdoms 35% - have them, like them, and really enjoy playing them

Dark Elves 35% - BOOO!!!!

Orcs and Goblins 30% - would have collected them put coin toss saw me get Ogres, go Green!!!

Dogs of War 30% - ???

Skaven 30% - Really??? Shouldn't this be 0%

Wood Elves 25%

Lizardmen 25%

Chaos Dwarfs 25%

Hordes of Chaos 15%

High elves 10% - say what? maybe that explains why I dont really enjoy them that much or at least haven't done lately

Hobby wise all very quiet at the moment.  Had knee surgery last month so no cricket this season, busy at work and taking a prolonged break from gaming as I am really not that interested right now.  Next event is the New Zealand Team Championships in March to which I am now taking Ogres as they're fully painted, Adams taking Dwarfs (so I can't take mine), and High Elves are just blah.

November 1, 2013

Word Bearers project: simple solutions...

Sometimes the easiest solution to a problem is the hardest to find.  When I started my Word Bearers HH/30k project a while back I decided that I wanted to use a particular set of symbols to form the chapter/squad markings for my units.  These would be based on those of various Waffen-SS divisions from WW2.  Free hand painting these has produced OK'ish results but compared to some people e.g. fellow Kiwi Glen Burfield and James Wappell my efforts are well *cough*....

 Wasn't until last night when I was watching a re-run of the 80s movie classic 'The Keep' that I remember that a simple method of getting these same symbols would be to use Battlefront SS Decals.  So this morning I placed a couple of small orders for the following little items:

FW Word Bearers shoulder pads (MkII version)

Battlefront SS Decal Set - ones of the left will go on the shoulder pad, once I select the best Icon.

The FW Word Bearer shoulder pads will all go on the left shoulder while I'll applying the decals to the right shoulder pads of every model in the company.  To match the artwork from FW 2nd HH book both shoulder pads will also be painted black. 
Current paint scheme - left shoulder pads have all been removed and will be replaced with the new FW Word Bearer icon inscribed ones, right side will be repainted and decalled.
Hopefully the final result will be a much cleaner and more uniform looking set of models than I have at the moment.  In the interim I've also started work on some GW Terminators as a bit of a tester prior to ordering some of the FW versions next year.
The shoulder pads on these guys will get the same treatment and I'm trying to figure out a way of replicating all of the Colchisian writing that appears on the Word Bearers armour in the latest book as in the picture below.
More soon hopefully... going to be a slow couple of months as I am taking a break from gaming atm.