December 31, 2013

4000pts of Dwarfs march toward Ruination

Not for many years had such a host marched through the gates of Karak Thorinkin. But now, faced with threats on every border King Druegar Stromnisson had called all the Clan Thanes to rally to his banner. The forges and armouries of the hold were a hive of activity as fresh armour and weapons were forged and old clan heirlooms lovingly repaired. All over the Old World hordes of treacherous Elves, filthy Skaven, Gobi scum and the vile forces of Chaos were massing and the Thorinkin were marching to war once again.
The Throng of Karak Thorinkin march forth from the holds rune inscribed main Gate. 4000pts of Dwarfs off to do battle against the forces of NZ's WHFB community
Under the watchful eye of the great statue of Thorin Metalturner sacred father, founder and Ancestor God of the Thorikin the huge granite gates of Karak Thorinkin opened and a 4000pt horde marched forth. Any non-Dwarven observer that day would have marvelled at the splendour that emerged and watched in awe as hour after hour rank upon rank of magnificently armoured Dwarfs marched past. 

Hundreds of heavily armoured Dwarven Warriors with large two-handed battle axes over their shoulders. Rangers, marked by cross belts full of throwing axes and long cloaks of blue and green. Quarrellers with huge crossbows slung across their backs beneath brightly painted but sturdy shields, followed by the rare sight of Thorinkin hand-gunners; known as Thunderers to the outside world.
30 x Warrior Rangers with Musician, Standard, GW & Throwing Axes
30 x Warriors with Musician, Standard and GW
3 units of 10 Quarrellers with Musicians and Shields
Grim looking Miners whose faces sparkled as the sunlight shone upon specs of gold and precious gems embedded in their skin. Then towed behind strange looking steam engines, and small mining ponies the mighty war machines of Clan Ragnell. Cannons, barrels marked with countless runes.
2 units of 10 Thunderers with Musicians and Shields
2 units of 8 Miners with Musicians
Grudge Throwers, silent but seemingly straining to be released upon their foe. Organ Guns, whose multiple barrels promised a hail of death for any enemy unlucky enough too cross their path; and overhead squadrons of Gyrocopters buzzing alongside and ahead of the marching throng, scouting the way ahead and protecting its flanks.
The Wrath of Grungi - Grudgethrower with Engineer, Ro Accuracy & Ro Penetrating
Alaric the Mad - Organ Gun
Grimgors Breath - Cannon with Ro Forging
Kragg the Mighty - Cannon with Ro Forging & Ro Burning
Gobi Killer - Organ Gun
Finally, ahead of them all the proud, formidable ranks of King Druegar’s bodyguard, the Hammerers of Clan Theolk. 300 of the mightiest Dwarven warriors ever to step forth from Karak Thorinkin, armour and weapons marked with Runes of Power and Protection, banners held high. Eyes bright, beards long, their unyielding expressions the mark of the veterans they all were for only the bravest and most experienced of the Clans warriors joined their ranks.
Hammerers of Clan Theolik - 30 with Musician, Standard & Ro Determination
Hammerers of Clan Theolik - 8 with Musician, Standard & MR Grungi
Alongside them stranger shapes, unarmoured Dwarfs with bright orange hair and tattooed skin wielding huge double bladed axes; Slayers seeking absolution and death at the hands of a worthy foe.
Dragon Slayer - 1 of 2
Kurgrim Bigglesson - Gyrocopter
Leading this horde King Druegar Stromnisson Gromil armoured freshly inscribed with Runes of Resistance and Iron. The King’s weapon the Great Axe of Theolik Goblinhewer had first tasted blood some 900 years ago and was enscribed with the Master Rune of Kragg the Grimm and the Rune of Snorri Spanglehelm, both glowing softly despite the bright sun.
King Druegar Stromnisson - MR Challenge, GW, MR Kragg Grimm, Ro Snorri Spanglehelm, Ro Iron x2, Ro Resistance
Thane Korthic Murdinkraz - Battle Standard Bearer, MR Gromil, Ro Cleaving, Ro Resistance, Ro Furnace
With the King, the truest sign of the significance of the occasion Runelord Durthfan Steelhead Head of Clan Vagar with his honour guard and Anvil of Doom. Not for some time had a Runelord of the Thorikin gone forth to battle, not even during the dark days of the Goblin Wars, when the Kings Axe was first forged, had a Runelord, let alone the Thane of Clan Vagar, seen the need to march to war.
Runelord Durthfan Steelhead - AoD, Ro Spellbreaking, Spelleater Rune, Ro Stone, Shield
Thane Bofli Grazghad - Shield, MR Swiftness, Ro Cleaving, Ro Stone, Ro Brotherhood

Mighty it was this throng, but the foes it would face were unknown and dark were the days of the Dwarves in the Old World. More powerful had the other races become. New weapons, vile magics and mighty heroes had emerged among the humans of the Empire, the Elves of Ulthuan, the endless masses of Gobi scum and the eternally hungry Ogre Kingdoms. Worse still were rumours of powerful new forces amongst the ranks of the undead and Chaos, foes that no Dwarven weapon could harm and against which none could stand. Such were the enemies that the Throng of Karak Thorinkin marched to do battle against…. Only fate knew the outcome…

Battle would be joined on the weekend of January 18th/19th at a 4000pt WHFB tournament in Wellington


Andrew Saunders said...

Absolutely stunning work

extremedoc1 said...

Brilliant, Great use of colour. Incorporating the models into the scenery looks awesome. Stunties are just great

Taruan said...

Those are beautiful. I really like the bright colors, makes me want to go back and repaint my poor maligned stumpies.

Scott said...

I'll simply quote Darth; "Impressive!"

Ulfast said...

Wonderful army, it´s great and you have done your dwarves very well done!

John Murrie said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone appreciate it :-)

Simon Switzer said...

Fantastic looking army bud. The base makes every thing look 10x cooler. Well done

Also, really like the list as well. Seeing the 8 Hammerers gave me a bit of chuckle. "LORDPEDO!"