December 21, 2013

WIP - Dwarven Thunderers and FOW Canadian Artillery

Managing to get some more painting done, including some old BfSp Thunderers that I found in my bits box - good thing too as Ill need them next month for Ruination. 

Staff Team
Battery Commander
Really like these models

I also took some time to bore out the gun barrels on all of my Sherman Fireflys - actually looks pretty good so will do it for all of my PzIVs and Tigers now as well. 

 Looking forward to Xmas - everyone have a good one. John


Hoodling said...

How do you find painting Skull Pass models after painting better quality models in the past? Is it hard to get the results you want?

I just ask because I have several boxes' worth of Skull Pass models sitting in a case somewhere, and I'm not really looking forward to trying to paint them. The multi-pose models are a far more appealing prospect.

John Murrie said...

The Warriors are horrible as once you apply paint the mould lines disappear. The Miners are nice though I have 20 of them that I use regularly. Thunderers aren't too bad either.

You do need to thin your paints, reduce the number of layers and use washes (or blacklining) to highlight the details. But otherwise they are not bad.

I did have 40 or so of the BfSp warriors but dumped them for the new sculpts which are much better.