January 29, 2014

Latest Dwarf stuff & Ogre Kingdoms display board

Update ~ Before you read on check out the latest links to leaked pics at Faet212 and Bugmans Brewery they are awesome... and I do mean awesome.  

More and more Dwarf related pictures and tidbits are being released across the internet including pictures of new models and the February release schedule.

From Plastic Krak
Longbeards, Hammerers & new Dwarf character
Dragon Slayer & new Dwarf character

From Bell of Lost Souls
GW early February release schedule

Overall, the new models look great especially the Hammerers and the Slayer.  The Longbeards look promising.  The old metal Longbeards were always fantastic and I've envied my mate Adam who has 20-30 of them.

Couple of items to note from the release schedule
1. The Dwarf book isn't listed meaning it must be coming out later in the month
2. The prices for the new models

The Prices
Dwarf Dragon Slayer US$21
Belegar Ironhammer US$21
Dwarf Hammerers (Box) US$50

The figures look great but the prices don't - that's right I'm grumbling.  For those of us in New Zealand its important to note that the listed prices are for the Northern Hemisphere and that they are always inflated for those of us South of the Equator.  While the current exchange rate is pretty good at US$0.83 to NZ$1 GW's pricing system means that exchange rates don't count for beans for pricing products on sale down here. So for the 3 listed items I would expect the NZ prices to be around

Dwarf Dragon Slayer NZ$35
Belegar Ironhammer NZ$35
Dwarf Hammerers (Box) NZ$70-75

For a box of what will most likely be 10 models I really don't care how great the new Hammerers are I won't be getting any not when you need 30-40 (3-4 boxes) to make a decent unit.  If the new Ironbreaker rules are as good as they sound then maybe Ill source some of those - but atm I think Ill wait for the new book and start prerusing Ebay for the old versions.

Latest ~ If the ironbreaker rules are as good as the latest pics then price be damned ill be buying

On another note I started work this week on a display board for my Ogre Kingdoms army which I will be taking to the NZ Team Championships in March.

Same process I used for my Dwarf display board.  $8 cork board with Polystyrene on-top to form the required shapes.  Paper mache on top of that to give it strength.  A layer of Filler on top of the dry paper mache followed by painting.  The pit/hole on the left-hand is going to be a fire pit that I plan on filling up with various bones/bodies.... more soon.

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Jossy said...

New Zealand prices are as follows:
Belegar $26
Slayer $26
Longbeards/Hamerers $80