January 11, 2014

Latest new Dwarf army book rumours: My thoughts

Its not long now probably only a month until the release of the new Dwarves armybook for WHFB 8th Edition and we have finally had some more rumours surface from Faeit212.  The last game from Spain several months ago and mentioned a few new kits, these latest ones offer a few more clues.

Models Rumours
Core Troopers won't get a new box.

Doesn't surprise me as (a) there isnt that much money in core troops, especially Dwarven core and (b) the current core kit Warriors is actually very good. 

Light Armor Infantry Box is Slayers and a second build I couldn't recognize. They look indeed weird, however the Slayers are more dynamic than I'd expected them to be.

If Light Infantry is Slayers that means something must be changing in terms of their rules.  But I would suspect that this new box is not related to new rules/units but a GW response to the Avatars of War miniatures that have hit the market recently i.e. Slayers 1-2 years ago and the fantastic Pathfinders a few months ago.

Heavy Armor Infantry Box is Hammerers/Ironbreakers dual build. They look just so much better than their older versions, quite some variation considering their former lack of such.

Both of these guys needed new models - although I really like the current old school metal Hammerers (hopefully people sell of a lot of them when they buy the new ones so I can snap more up cheap).  Some dramatic new poses would help though.

The "War Altar" is a dual build of Throne and Anvil I believe. It wasn't quite clear, but it seems to be possible to give a "regular" Dwarf King a toned done version of the Throne.

War Altar rumour is a new one would seem to be aimed at a unit pitched between Throgrim and a Lord on Shieldbearers.  Are they giving the Anvil movement alah the Chaos Warshrine, Lizards Engine of the Gods or Dark Elf Cauldron?

The plastic clampack character looks amazing. Simply. Amazing.

Say what???  WTF is a clampack??  If its a hint at Dwarven weapons teams being added to the armybook (like Skaven have) that would be awesome.

The Gyrocopter is quite a lot better than the previous one, but not quite as good as it could have been. But it is a lot bigger, the dwarf isn't really that much sticking out It blends in nicely with the rest of the army.

I like the current one, and am not sure how a bigger one would work.  Given that previous rumours suggested that Gyros would come in unit boxes of 3 the suggestion that the new model is bigger doesn't fit?  Units would require slightly smaller models to work - think of Terradons which are already smaller than the current Gyrocopter.  Regardless I will be getting another one of the old-school ones.

The Tunneling Vehicle looks pretty awkward considering the awesomeness of the rest of this release. I think the rumoured "big cannon" could be a dual build with this one, it looks pretty much twice as good as the Tunneling Machine, especially considering how much potential there was.

Tunnelling machine!!! Yeehay!!! Sounds cool.  Big Cannon - BOOO!!! 

Playing Style
The playing style will be quite similar to the previous one, but with a wider variation of possibilities.

Which means something to help with movement and tactical flexibility... maybe?  Happy to know that the army won't change too much

Ironbreakers will be even harder to crack open while Hammerers are No-brainers (Dwarves are slow, but those can hit like a meteorite if they get you!).

Harder to crack open... Gromil armour for Ironbreakers going to 2+AS rather than the current 4+?? That would be nice.  Hammerers with 2 attacks or maybe ASF like White Lions.  IB need something to make them worthwhile

Cannons are a bit toned down but are still as accurate as always. I think there's a decent chance of not having a single misfired shot within multiple games.

Toned down means less than S10 or D3 rather than D6 wounds.  You dont get misfires now with the Rune of Forging. Oh I can hear the wails of complaint from non-Dwarf players already.

Overall things are looking up. 

What I would like
Make Slayers skirmishers or ranked troop choices and give them a WS alah Savage Orcs tough skin, or let them take Runic Talismans or Tattoos

Allow unit champions to take Runic weapons

Allow the BSB to take a GW

Rangers to be a separate core choice NOT an expensive upgrade

Scrap Longbeards and bring in an army wide 'Old Grumblers' rule making all Dwarves immune to panic or immune to panic if their General/BSB is alive or within 12" something like that.

Miners able to charge in the turn they come on.

Thunderers move and shoot.

Gyrocopters - remove template partials and give them bombs back (one use only).

Gromil armour on Hammerers and Gromil AS to be improved.

Hammerers some kind of attack bonus.

Runic banners that give buffs to units e.g. +1 Strength, MR1 etc

AoD to give unit buffs the same as basic augment spells.

Premade runic items and new runes (as most of the current ones are redundant).

Oh... and lots and lots and lots of new FLUFF and artwork.   


Jossy said...

"WTF is a clampack??"

A clampack is the packaging the model comes in. The rumour is reffering to a new single character miniature.

Old Fogey said...

Yep, clampack is just another way to say "blister pack", I suspect it could be a runepriest since that is the only character not in plastic?

Slayers pack I would look at the recent dark elves witches, they had a new unit in the same kit, suspect dwarfs will get something similar - maybe like the old slayers with chains, can't remember their name.

Anvil on wheels - that's just a throwback to 5th edition - still got my wheeled anvil, one of the best dwarf models of all time.

Big gyrocopter sounds bizarre, wonder if it will carry troops? The drilling/tunnelling machine, sounds like the now obligatory big wierd model for this army. Wait and see on that one.

Looking forward to Avatars of War release of "not hammerers, honest guv", GW plastic dwarfs are poor in comparison.

No matter what the release is, we will still grumble. Not much point in playing dwarfs if you don't grumble as you do it.