January 15, 2014

More Dwarf army book rumours

This time from Bell of Lost Souls

Runelord can't add DD
Dwarf army can add 2 DD every magic phase

Non-Dwarf players will love this.  They complain endlessly about our ability to shut down their magic phase, completely forgetting of course that their ability to cast spells at us, or our inability to cast them back, still greatly weights things in their favour.  Personally I don't like this but I guess the rules needed tidying up.

Anvil is Bound spell (can plus the S for dwarf)

If its more than one bound spell then this is a good change, but it does mean the Anvil moves from the shooting to magic phase which essentially negates its ability to be used consistently.

Dwarf Gyrocopter (new models) can make two version: 
1 is bomber(max can take 2) 
2 is fight with machine gun (max can take 6) 

Now this I really like - bombs are back and I assume Machine Gun is just a revamped Steam Cannon

A lot new special character
1: King of Eight Peaks
2: Engineer with big gun

Master Engineers get taken by a lot of people but not by me as I don't see the need for them, but if the rules change this might be interesting.  Big gun? King of Karak Eight Peaks suggests a new special character.

All the new models are infantry (with out Gyrocopter):
1: Hammerer
2: Blacksmith
3: Longbeard
4: Slayer
5: Irondragon(name not confirm) new shooting unit
- like Chaos Dwarf IG 4+armor S4 T4 weapon is flaming attack
(The Hammerer Blacksmith and Longbeard is in same box, the Slayer
is the other box because no armor, Irondragon other box. All the new models
very cool.)

Now this is interesting.  Blacksmith suggests either a new character or unit champion model for Warmachines, doubt that its a new unit.  A new shooting unit seems strange as we already have Thunderers and Quarrellers.  Maybe its a Dwarven flamethrower unit?

All the rune are same and warmachine too
The magic item:
1: The armor can give the user T10

Armour giving me T10 yes please but I suspect it will be 60+pts so a Lord choice only.  Don't believe that runes will stay the same as (a) many are redundant in 8th with the rule changes (b) others are over priced and (c) others are simply never taken and (d) new ones are needed to mirror changes to the common magic items in 8th edition; more banner choices especially.

Source also says that Hammerers can get 2+ AS with a 6+ ward. Probably with a rune. I think these are maybe Ironbreakers?

6+ WS I would accept as being accurate would assume this is a Parry Save for Hammerers akin to Swordmasters WS vs. Shooting.  2+AS for Ironbreakers means Gromil armour is getting improved to a 3+, so AS goes to 2+ with a shield.  This will benefit characters as well who get Gromil as standard.  However, unless Ironbreakers are going to be S4 then I still won't take them as S3 infantry with hand weapons just isn't worth the hassle.

And finally if dwarfs are still only movement 3 then it doesnt matter changes they make as our tactics will remain extremely limited

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