January 21, 2014

Ruination WHFB Tournament report

The bloody and scarred remnants of the Throng of Karak Thorinkin marched slowly through the gates of the hold, King Druegar Stromnisson at the fore his armor dented and scratched almost beyond repair.  The throng had fought countless small skirmishes and 4 pitched battles against the forces of Lustria, the hated Greenskins and a fourth foe that the Dwarfs of Thorinkin were too ashamed to mention.  The grand campaign had not gone well and of the proud Warriors, Quarrellers, Thunderers, Miners, Hammerers and countless war machines that had set out so many weeks before nearly half had perished.  All of the clans had suffered but none more so than Clan Theolik, of the 300 elite Hammerers who had marched with the King barely 30 remained alive and all of these bore countless scars.  And of the regiments of Clan Theolik Warriors who had also marched none had returned....  the forces of the Old World had proven strong, much stronger than the Thorinkin had anticipated.  Upon reaching the gates of the hold King Druegar stopped and watched and unashamedly wept as his battered army marched past him into the holds interior.  Upon the battlements countless Dwarfs watched silently counting those that returned, too stunned to speak when they realised the extent of the defeat the throng had suffered.

As the last regiment of Warriors passed through the gates the King looked back down the road upon which they had marched.  Bowing his head he turned and walked through the gates.  Only when they shut quietly behind him did his strength finally fail him.  Blood poured from his many wounds and seeped into the carved stone floor of the hold soaking it a deep red... the few remaining Hammerers of his bodyguard rushed to his aid.  Barely alive Druegar was carried through the hold only time would tell if he, Karak Thorinkin and the Dwarves would be able to rebuild and gain the strength needed to survive in an Old World whose foes where now too strong for any Dwarf to stand against.

Well I got back from Ruination late Sunday night and while it was incredibly enjoyable event, pushing 4000pt armies around was a great change of pace, results wise it was very disappointing.  I played 4 games over the two days and was brutalised in all of them unfortunately.  Biggest disappointment though was that my digital camera finally died (it was nearly 10 years old) and consequently I couldn't take any pictures over the weekend.

Game 1 - Blood and Glory vs. Lizardmen (Mal Patel)
Mal is one of New Zealand's ETC players, a very nice guy but also an excellent tactical player.  He had a strong Lizardmen list combat wise but one light on magic with no Slann just a couple of Priests.  Facing 3 Carnosaurs I opted to concentrate my initial shooting on them.  Unfortunately I completely overlooked the impact of the Comet of Cassandora which Mal 6 dice monkeyed in the first turn.  Having grouped most of my warmachines close together along with several other units the impact of an exploding comet in Turn 1 was not fun - it went down in his Turn 1 and exploded in mine.  Turn 1 ended with a Cannon, Organ Gun and Stone Thrower destroyed along with 1/2 of my Hammerers.  Shooting proved ineffective and while I managed to kill one Carnosaur by concentrating on that I allowed the rest of his army to close with me unopposed.  End result I got slaughtered and Mal earned a solid 20-0 victory.

Game 2 - Battleline vs. AGGHHH Dwarfs (Simon Switzer)
I don't mind playing Dwarf on Dwarf although this match up did prompt a large number of amused comments from various people.  Now I like Simon I really do but he is the kind of Dwarf player people grumble about.  Basically regardless of who he faces he always castles up with 2-3 HUGE blocks of infantry which never move supported by several warmachines.  I hate castling, absolutely cannot stand it.  I much prefer to charge straight ahead, get stuck in and throw a lot of dice.  Yes Ill get slaughtered but I still get to throw lots of dice which is what I like doing.

Anyway I charged forward, Simon shot me to bits and then I got into his units.  I basically killed everything except his massive big Hammerer block which had all his characters bar the AoD in it.  End result because I couldnt kill that block and because he had killed so much of my stuff I ended up losing 7-13.  AHHH

Game 3 - Blood and Glory vs. Orcs (Hamish Forbes)
My favourite game of the event against club mate Hamish with Grimgor Ironhide, 3-4 big hordes of Black and Savage Orcs and a Wyvern.  I shot him to bits and charged in, using the AoD to great effect.  The game came down to one massive pitched battle between his 40 Savage Orcs, 3 Big Bosses a Shaman and my Hammerers with Lord + a unit of Warriors.  Over the course of 4 1/2 turns these units chopped each other to bits while I shot up everything else on the board.  End result I killed all of his Savage Orcs, the Shaman blew himself up and I got 2/3 of his Characters but lost all of the Hammerers and all of the Warriors.  The later were killed when Grimgor Ironhide smashed into their rear to set up a combat between my Dwarf Lord, a Thane, 4 Dwarf warriors and 2 Big Bosses and Grimgor.  End result he won, just and broke my army solid victory to Hamish.  But damn was that a fun game.

Game 4 - Battleline vs. Lizardmen (Hagen Kerr)
Never played Hagen before but have always wanted to as he is one of the really nice guys in the NZ WHFB community, plus he plays Dwarfs as well :)  His list was more typical with the Slan, some Scar Vets a lot of Skinks plus other big beasts.  It was another knock down drawn out blood match with units moving everywhere, shooting galore, magic up the wazoo, Anvil charges left and right, monsters stomping on Dwarfs, failed charges, rear charges, multiple charges, challenges and things blowing up.  Lots and lots of fun.  I lost the game but had a blast.

End result - I think I got the wooden spoon not sure yet as results aren't out yet.  But I think I should get it as this is the first event I have been too where I haven't won a game.  But I did get to wear my pointed Dwarven helmet all weekend which was fun and to throw lots of dice.

Thoughts on the Event
4000pts is fantastic and if its run again I will most definately enter again - with Dwarves as I just enjoy playing them. The event was run really well - thanks Jeff for umpiring and Pete for organising it - and it doesn't need any changes to it.

Army List review
You can check out all the army lists from the event here and see my army and my list here.

I had 5 units of these 50 shots in all. Worked extremely well and gave me a lot of options and a strong ability to deal with chaff.  The Thunderers +1 to hit and AP was a welcome bonus.  But I think a single big unit of Thunderers would probably work better say 18 or so.  Struggled with deployment at times.

Had 2 units one of 30 and a smaller one with 8 and the MR Grungi.  In my last game I used this a a Lordpedo with the Lord at the front and the Hammerers behind him 2 wide.  Hammerers are great but I have to stop using them in horde formation as honestly they get killed to quickly and I need at least one left alive to keep them Stubborn.

Units of 30 are solid but not large enough.  Either need a character in them or should be in blocks of 40. Will need more models.  Rangers are golden and Throwing Axes were fun to use.

Anvil of Doom
First time using this in an event and it was awesome.  Really enjoyed using it.  Risked Ancient Power twice, it worked once but failed the second time.  AoD also never blew up.

The Stonethrower and the Gyro were the heroes of the event.  The Stonethrower - and I am not kidding here - NEVER MISSED, NOT ONCE and it killed a ton of stuff.  Wish I had two of them.  The Gyro was also fantastic but 2 would have been better.  Organ Guns were OK but I could do without them and the Cannons were solid but I would swap one for a Stone Thrower.

Only used the MR Challenge once.  2+ RR and 5++ was good enough and the +1 to hit with Ro Snorri was a good option.  He killed a fair bit and got into combat every game but was hampered by the Hammerers dying so quickly behind him.

What would I change?
No idea as I don't know what the new book will bring.  But if we focus on the old book I drop the Organ Guns and 1 Cannon and bring a 2nd Gyro and 2nd Stone Thrower.  Id also try and fit in a horde of Slayers just for the hell of it.


Simon Switzer said...

Hey, I did come out and play. Both are sides made it to the other side of the table...

Castling is still fun though! :D

John Murrie said...

I know you did mate I enjoyed the game and honestly you get better results than I do with dwarves