February 16, 2014

Empire Demigryphs all done!!

Finished 3/4 of these guys for club mate Reagan.  They will form part of his Empire army for the NZ Team Champs in a couple of weeks time.  Enjoyed painting them. very nice models, lovely sculpts.  Undercoating in white rather than my usual black was also a positive change.  Pictures should all expand out when you click on them - quality not flash as still using smart phone rather than proper camera.

Basing not that flash as I ran out of my normal flock and had to use some less pretty stuff I found at the back of the shelf.  But adding some grass and flower tufts kind of picks them up a bit.  I used the following colours to complete the models.

Granite Grey base coat
Bolt-gun metal
Dry brush with Chainmail
Light dry brush with Mithril Silver

Mechrite Red base coat
Nightshade wash 
Lighter layer of Mechrite red
Drybrush Red Gore
Light highlight Blood Red (Old version of Red Gore thats a little brighter)

Mordhiem Blue base coat
Nightshade wash
Regal Blue
Enchanted Blue highlights

Vomit Brown base coat
Mithril Silver
Sepia Wash 2 coats (let first one dry fully before applying 2nd)

Next up on the painting table is a 4th Demigryph to complete Reagans unit, an Ogre Bull Standard Bearer for my NZTC army and then not sure really... maybe some High Elves?

February 9, 2014

WIP Empire Demigryphs

In preparation for the NZ WHFB team champs next month I'm helping team mate Reagan out by painting his Demigryphs for him.  Extremely nice models with a lot of beautiful detailing that are very enjoyable to paint - almost makes me regret not starting an empire army.  Reagans army has a regal blue/scab red scheme to it which I've matched but with a bit of layering to make the colours stand out more.

Photos aren't that great as my camera, after 10 years of sterling service died at Ruination and I haven't replaced it yet.  Having to use my wifes Smartphone instead.

In Dwarf news I am not going to bother posting updates on the rumours etc anymore.  The new book is up for pre-order as are the fantastic new Gyro models.  Unfortunately budget wise I'm going to have to wait till March before I can order any of the new stuff including the new army book - bills come first :(

February 6, 2014

Latest Dwarf leaks including rules & Gyros

I am getting seriously excited about the new Dwarf book following the latest leaks over at PlasticKrak - this seriously seems to be the best source at the moment.  They include pictures of the new Gyrocopter and Gyrobomber, some blurred ones of the Ironbreakers and the new Engineer character.  More importantly the latest leaks include RULES and show that things are getting a hell of a lot better for Dwarfs and that more importantly runes are here to stay.

Given whats been released the other armies are going to have some serious problems with the new Dwarfs competitiveness.  The collectors edition book looks great too - just glad pay day is scheduled for the same week pre-orders for the new book start as I am going to be spending a lot of money.

If you haven't seen the latest already then check them out.

February 4, 2014

Dwarf Update - summary of the latest news

More and more stuff coming out across the net now about the Dwarf releases this month.  Here's a round up of whats been revealed over the last few days.  Whats come out so far looks pretty good - still amused by release of army book after the latest miniatures as why would you pre-order something when you don't know what the rules are going to do to it?

Possible new army book cover - still taken from video.  Found at PlasticKrak.blogspot.com

New Dwarven Models available for pre-order: Hammerer/Longbeard kit, Belegar and new Slayer character from GW site.


2nd wave February releases
Dwarf Runelord  US$21 - possibly with new AoD kit
Dwarf Gyrobomber US$45
Grimm Burloksson US$21 - new Engineer character
WHFB Dwarf rulebook US$49.50

Leaked rules from latest WD Weekly
Ancestral Grudge: Dwarfs always have the Hatred (Orcs and Goblins) and Hatred (Skaven) special rules- this means any unit taken from Warhammer Orcs and Goblins or Skaven. To determine the level of bitterness the Dwarves feel towards other armies, after deployment but before Vanguard moves, roll a d6 and consult the following chart:

1-2 Personal Vendetta. The dwarf general has hatred special rule against the opposing army's general
3-4 Rancorous Resolve. All friendly character models with Ancestral Grudge special rule have the hatred special rule against all character models from the opposing army. 
5-6 Seething Score to Settle. All friend models with the Ancestral Grudge special rule have the hatred special rule against all models in the enemy army.

Resolute: Models with this special rule have a +1 strength during a turn in which they charge into combat

Relentless: Units composed entirely of models with this special rule do not need to pass a leadership test in order to march, regardless of the proximity of enemy units. 

Revenge Incarnate: Once per game, at the start of any Close Combat phase, Belegar can harness the power of his ancestors. For the remainder of the turn, he doubles his attacks characteristics.

Includes some details on changes to Core/Rare choices and on Hammerers.

Alternative miniatures Ideas
Prices for the latest Dwarf miniatures are now official and quite frankly at NZ$80 for a box of 10 Hammerers/Longbeards I am going to have to look elsewhere regardless of how amazing the miniatures are. I already have 40 of the older metal versions and buying 40 of the new ones at NZ$320 is just too prohibitive.  Will have to get some of the new Ironbreakers though if the rules are good enough of course.
Scibors Ducal Guard - 12 miniatures for 41 Euros

Alternative miniatures wise there are still a lot of options out there for  Dwarf players with two manufacturers in particular offering some great options Scibor Miniatures and Avatars of War.  Luckily for NZ gamers you get buy products from both of these ranges through Slave to Painting (although not everything is available)

AoW Ranger/Pathfinder kit 

February 3, 2014

Ogre Kingdoms display board finished

Managed to complete the display board for my Ogre Kingdoms during the last week of school holidays - hooray my kids are back at School - except for the fire pit to which I still have to add some burnt sticks to simulate the remnants of a fire and some bones for added effect.  Unfortunately I ran out of the light green flock and had to resort to mixing in some dark green stuff as well.  Not too bad in the end - majority of the board will be covered in models regardless.
The fire pit - bones and burnt wood still to be added

Steps taken to finish off the board were:

  1. Cover board in filler once paper mache had dried
  2. Undercoat #1 - used Army Painters White undercoat spray
  3. Undercoat #2 - used Tamiya Desert Yellow to help give it a browner finish not possible with pure white basecoat
  4. Primary colour - dark brown, from cheap kids poster paint range
  5. Dry brush #1 - Tamiya Buff, because my GW paints are slowing running out
  6. Dry brush #2 - Vallejo Bonewhite
  7. Apply flock - used watered down PVA glue to apply it
  8. Seal - spray sealant applied over entire board principally to stop the flock from flaking off everywhere
Finishing touches will be sticks and bones in fire pit and painting of board edge.

In Dwarf news the latest models are up on GW for pre-order and there are a various rules and 2nd week release schedule news floating around check out - Faet212 and Bell of Lost Souls for the latest.