February 4, 2014

Dwarf Update - summary of the latest news

More and more stuff coming out across the net now about the Dwarf releases this month.  Here's a round up of whats been revealed over the last few days.  Whats come out so far looks pretty good - still amused by release of army book after the latest miniatures as why would you pre-order something when you don't know what the rules are going to do to it?

Possible new army book cover - still taken from video.  Found at PlasticKrak.blogspot.com

New Dwarven Models available for pre-order: Hammerer/Longbeard kit, Belegar and new Slayer character from GW site.


2nd wave February releases
Dwarf Runelord  US$21 - possibly with new AoD kit
Dwarf Gyrobomber US$45
Grimm Burloksson US$21 - new Engineer character
WHFB Dwarf rulebook US$49.50

Leaked rules from latest WD Weekly
Ancestral Grudge: Dwarfs always have the Hatred (Orcs and Goblins) and Hatred (Skaven) special rules- this means any unit taken from Warhammer Orcs and Goblins or Skaven. To determine the level of bitterness the Dwarves feel towards other armies, after deployment but before Vanguard moves, roll a d6 and consult the following chart:

1-2 Personal Vendetta. The dwarf general has hatred special rule against the opposing army's general
3-4 Rancorous Resolve. All friendly character models with Ancestral Grudge special rule have the hatred special rule against all character models from the opposing army. 
5-6 Seething Score to Settle. All friend models with the Ancestral Grudge special rule have the hatred special rule against all models in the enemy army.

Resolute: Models with this special rule have a +1 strength during a turn in which they charge into combat

Relentless: Units composed entirely of models with this special rule do not need to pass a leadership test in order to march, regardless of the proximity of enemy units. 

Revenge Incarnate: Once per game, at the start of any Close Combat phase, Belegar can harness the power of his ancestors. For the remainder of the turn, he doubles his attacks characteristics.

Includes some details on changes to Core/Rare choices and on Hammerers.

Alternative miniatures Ideas
Prices for the latest Dwarf miniatures are now official and quite frankly at NZ$80 for a box of 10 Hammerers/Longbeards I am going to have to look elsewhere regardless of how amazing the miniatures are. I already have 40 of the older metal versions and buying 40 of the new ones at NZ$320 is just too prohibitive.  Will have to get some of the new Ironbreakers though if the rules are good enough of course.
Scibors Ducal Guard - 12 miniatures for 41 Euros

Alternative miniatures wise there are still a lot of options out there for  Dwarf players with two manufacturers in particular offering some great options Scibor Miniatures and Avatars of War.  Luckily for NZ gamers you get buy products from both of these ranges through Slave to Painting (although not everything is available)

AoW Ranger/Pathfinder kit 


Jossy said...

To be fair, there are so many options to purchase GW stuff overseas for NZ only a fool would be paying full retail. You can easily pick up a box of longbeards for $50 from US/Uk orr $200 for a unit of 40.

Minitrol said...

I seem to be hearing this price issue a lot more in respect to Dwarfs and frankly guys are you really surprised? Really?

This has been the NORM in their pricing for 4 yeas now it wasn’t going to change just because of Dwarfs!

Here are some old kits:

Grave Guard $81.00
Bestigors $81.00
Black Orcs $81.00

Now here are releases from the last 12 months

Executioners / Black Guard $80.00
High Elf Phoenix Guard $81.00
Lizardmen Temple Guard $81.00

Annnnnnnnd Hammerers / Longbeards $80.00

Now the only surprise priced item I can think of in the last 12 months was the tactical squad which remained the same price and the Dark Elf core troops which actually in comparison to other core troops of similar ilk was cheaper.

And yes same comment posted on The Dice Odyssey ;

Minitrol said...

hmmm Jossy help a technology deficient brother out? Never heard of these alternate options!

John Murrie said...

@Minitrol - I release we are suffering under the same prices as everyone else but this is like the BEST army in the game so it just rankles a little more. Hopefully the new Battalion box comes with some of the new models

Scott Bowman said...

I wonder if its time to put my old dwarf army on trademe?... Reckon I'd get any takers?

Minitrol said...

Depends what era they are Scott! Every edition GW has been determined to make Dwarfs look different to their last iteration so nothing matches! I have Dwarfs from 4th edition on and the variation is enormous.

Scott Bowman said...

Very true - mine are from the late 80's/early 90's... cant recall what era warhammer that was... the first hard back rule book I think...

At the end of the day they're still dwarves on a 20mm square base!

John Murrie said...

Post pics of what you have Scott and Ill have a look. Old edition Dwarfs are pretty awesome

Scott Bowman said...

I'll have to dig them all out, and take some pics. My painting was still in the learning stage then, though not too bad, with shade wash and dry brush. Problem was usually the eyes being too big and cartoon-like... but they still have a certain sentimental charm for me...