February 16, 2014

Empire Demigryphs all done!!

Finished 3/4 of these guys for club mate Reagan.  They will form part of his Empire army for the NZ Team Champs in a couple of weeks time.  Enjoyed painting them. very nice models, lovely sculpts.  Undercoating in white rather than my usual black was also a positive change.  Pictures should all expand out when you click on them - quality not flash as still using smart phone rather than proper camera.

Basing not that flash as I ran out of my normal flock and had to use some less pretty stuff I found at the back of the shelf.  But adding some grass and flower tufts kind of picks them up a bit.  I used the following colours to complete the models.

Granite Grey base coat
Bolt-gun metal
Dry brush with Chainmail
Light dry brush with Mithril Silver

Mechrite Red base coat
Nightshade wash 
Lighter layer of Mechrite red
Drybrush Red Gore
Light highlight Blood Red (Old version of Red Gore thats a little brighter)

Mordhiem Blue base coat
Nightshade wash
Regal Blue
Enchanted Blue highlights

Vomit Brown base coat
Mithril Silver
Sepia Wash 2 coats (let first one dry fully before applying 2nd)

Next up on the painting table is a 4th Demigryph to complete Reagans unit, an Ogre Bull Standard Bearer for my NZTC army and then not sure really... maybe some High Elves?


Scott Bowman said...

Very nice work John, certainly 'High Fantasy'...

Herman van Kradenburg said...

Nice paint job. They looked particularly good skewered on a Dark Elf bolt thrower bolt on Sunday... Had a great game against Reagan, a well mannered, fun and gracious opponent (My only win of the tournament)We need more like him in the game!