February 6, 2014

Latest Dwarf leaks including rules & Gyros

I am getting seriously excited about the new Dwarf book following the latest leaks over at PlasticKrak - this seriously seems to be the best source at the moment.  They include pictures of the new Gyrocopter and Gyrobomber, some blurred ones of the Ironbreakers and the new Engineer character.  More importantly the latest leaks include RULES and show that things are getting a hell of a lot better for Dwarfs and that more importantly runes are here to stay.

Given whats been released the other armies are going to have some serious problems with the new Dwarfs competitiveness.  The collectors edition book looks great too - just glad pay day is scheduled for the same week pre-orders for the new book start as I am going to be spending a lot of money.

If you haven't seen the latest already then check them out.

1 comment:

Kuffeh said...

I am started to get excited once more!

Not sure on the gyros, but the characters and units are good. Runes staying is better.

The organ gun can now have runes also. That is good.