February 3, 2014

Ogre Kingdoms display board finished

Managed to complete the display board for my Ogre Kingdoms during the last week of school holidays - hooray my kids are back at School - except for the fire pit to which I still have to add some burnt sticks to simulate the remnants of a fire and some bones for added effect.  Unfortunately I ran out of the light green flock and had to resort to mixing in some dark green stuff as well.  Not too bad in the end - majority of the board will be covered in models regardless.
The fire pit - bones and burnt wood still to be added

Steps taken to finish off the board were:

  1. Cover board in filler once paper mache had dried
  2. Undercoat #1 - used Army Painters White undercoat spray
  3. Undercoat #2 - used Tamiya Desert Yellow to help give it a browner finish not possible with pure white basecoat
  4. Primary colour - dark brown, from cheap kids poster paint range
  5. Dry brush #1 - Tamiya Buff, because my GW paints are slowing running out
  6. Dry brush #2 - Vallejo Bonewhite
  7. Apply flock - used watered down PVA glue to apply it
  8. Seal - spray sealant applied over entire board principally to stop the flock from flaking off everywhere
Finishing touches will be sticks and bones in fire pit and painting of board edge.

In Dwarf news the latest models are up on GW for pre-order and there are a various rules and 2nd week release schedule news floating around check out - Faet212 and Bell of Lost Souls for the latest. 


angrypearl said...

Excellent work sofar! Making a board for your army takes the whole hobby to a new level.

Chaoswolf said...

Looks really good mate, look forward to seeing the completed version, populated by all the big bellies!

Phil said...

Nice and useful work!

Anonymous said...

Nice work. I particularly like the fire pit. It really looks like a fire has been in it.

John Murrie said...

Thanks everyone - should it gets first outing at the NZ Team Champs in a fortnights time