February 9, 2014

WIP Empire Demigryphs

In preparation for the NZ WHFB team champs next month I'm helping team mate Reagan out by painting his Demigryphs for him.  Extremely nice models with a lot of beautiful detailing that are very enjoyable to paint - almost makes me regret not starting an empire army.  Reagans army has a regal blue/scab red scheme to it which I've matched but with a bit of layering to make the colours stand out more.

Photos aren't that great as my camera, after 10 years of sterling service died at Ruination and I haven't replaced it yet.  Having to use my wifes Smartphone instead.

In Dwarf news I am not going to bother posting updates on the rumours etc anymore.  The new book is up for pre-order as are the fantastic new Gyro models.  Unfortunately budget wise I'm going to have to wait till March before I can order any of the new stuff including the new army book - bills come first :(


Scott Bowman said...

Very nice beasties

Elven Glades said...

Those look bloody stunning. Paints used?

Forkbeard said...

Good job particularly on the armour affect you achieved.

The style of the knight’s armour (right of frame) reminds me of an old school Reik Guard on foot.

John Murrie said...

Thanks everybody