March 4, 2014

Bucketheads back from NZ Warhammer Team Champs

Well the weekends over and along with it two days of fantastic gaming.  The New Zealand Team Championships wound up late Sunday evening after the end of 6 highly competitive rounds.  Among the 16 teams and 64 players at the event there were some truly hard as nails filthy as they come lists, some tough but nice lists and several "I'm taking it because I like the model"s or they're the only ones I have lists (like mine).
Ogres from the Mountain Claws Tribe ready for battle
First up congratulations to the winners of the event and a massive thank you to Pete Dunn for organising everything and to Peter Williams for volunteering (once again) to umpire the entire tournament.  Much fun was had by all and the venue was fantastic only a short walk away from shops, Hells Pizza and a pub.
The only disappointment for me was that there was no Beauty Pageant meaning that I didn't get a chance to photograph everyone's armies and there were some stunning ones on display throughout the event.
The venue near the end of Day 1 - things were getting rather rank odour wise by this stage

As for Team Buckethead things didn't go that well for us, we weren't expecting to finish near the top of the table but were hoping to do a lot better than we did.  Unfortunately our approach was less "scientific" than most other teams in regards to picking our match-ups. While our opponents consulted spreadsheets and mathematical tables to get the ideal opponents we simply took turns chucking ourselves under the bus and volunteered to take on armies that we felt like playing.  That and our "just throw dice and go for it" approach didn't help our cause.  A classic quote of the event from Adam Richards our Dwarf player pretty epitomised our tactics over the weekend.
"I'm going to ancient power my Anvil because at least if it blows up then his Ogres can't kill it.... DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM...."
Bucketheads Results
Our armies were:
- My Ogre Kingdoms built around a Gut Star
- Brendans Beasts based around lots of magic and 3 hordes
- Adams Dwarfs with no warmachines or shooting
- Reagans Empire with his Karl Franz Knight bus
Fellow Bucket Heads Adam (left) and Brendan (right) don our team helmets to take on Sam and Fern Campbell in the first round of the tournament
Round 1 vs. Beauty & the Beasts
Ogres vs. Dark Elves 7-13
Beasts vs. WoC 2-18
Dwarfs vs. DoC 0-20
Empire vs. Empire 6-14
Help I'm surrounded by Elves

Dark Elves for Round 1 and things go well till my magic starts failing.  Closer game than the points suggest
Team mate Reagan (right) without his Helmet - Shame!!!
Round 2 vs. Nerdymen
Ogres vs. Empire 0-20
Beasts vs. Brettonians 0-20
Dwarfs vs. Vampires 0-20
Empire vs. High Elves 5-15
Turn 1 and things don't look too bad but... I pushed the Bulls too far forward trying to get the Hellheart near the Light Mage bus in the tower.  Things go wrong soon afterward
End of the game and its just the Slaughtermaster left 
I got absolutely slaughtered in this game by a beautiful looking army.  This hand painted banner by Graeme Fry (I think) was the stand out model of the tournament for me and his High Elves have to be seen to be believed they are amazing
Round 3 vs. Legion of Doom
Ogres vs. Wood Elves 20-0
Beasts vs. Dwarfs 15-5
Dwarfs vs. Ogres 5-15
Empire vs. Dark Elves 9-11
Up against Wood Elves with a lot of shooting 60 Glade Guard in all and 3 Treemen

Ogres charge straight into a couple of Treemen while those damn archers clean up the Mournfang.  I got lucky though killing the Treemen allowing me to rampage through the rest of my opponents army.  
Brendan in action in Round 3 a great win to him earned through some very smart tactics
Round 4 vs. KRAK Team
Ogres vs. Lizards 7-13
Beasts vs. Dwarfs 5-15
Dwarfs vs. Dark Elves 0-20
Empire vs. Vampires 17-3
Up against Hagen Kerr's lizards in Round 4 - thoroughly enjoyable game that saw me finish with 3 models left on the table - an Irongut, my Slaughtermaster and a single Bull.  Absolute carnage and a lot of fun.
Brendans fantastic looking Beastmen army
Round 5 vs. Basilliers
Ogres vs. Vampires 5-15
Beasts vs. Empire 1-19
Dwarfs vs. OnG 10-10
Empire vs. WoC 0-20
I volunteered to pit my Ogres against Basil's VC's but then stuffed up by not hanging back.
Ironblaster kills one Terrorgheist with one shot doing 6 wounds.  The other though comes back later to cause carnage
Round 6 vs. HAM
Ogres vs. DoC 10-10
Beasts vs. Dwarfs 0-20
Dwarfs vs. High Elves 0-20
Empire vs. Lizards 0-20
Things start getting nasty around Turn 2-3 in a great game
Taking on Daemons in Round 6 - a massively enjoyable game against a nice opponent.
Big moment in game as I get rear charge off on the Daemon thingy's - the Gut Star just wouldn't die.  Really enjoyed this match up and it was a fun way to end the tournament.
Our final individual points tally put Reagans Empire with 37 on top, followed me with 29, Brendan with 23 and Adam with 15.  Nine 0-20 defeats during the event really didn't help us much but honestly some of the match-ups were never going to turn out well as the opposing lists were hard as nails but we certainly tried our hardest.  But we all agreed that a solid day of gaming the day before any future event would be necessary to get all the STUPID out of our systems before the real thing.

Personal Gaming Highlights 
The knock down drag out battle between my Gut Star and Basil's Crypt Ghouls in Round 5 where my Slaughtermaster's immunity to Poison and my ability to continually buff his toughness kept him alive for 4 turns.

IF'ing the Regeneration spell from the Great Maw after the Gut Star charged the rear of a DoC unit, rolling double 1's for the miscast result losing 3 Ogres to the hit but saving them all with Regeneration.

A handful of Ogres deploying in line and charging Hagen's Cold-One bus and wiping it out before he surrounded me and drowned them in missile fire.

Seeing Reagan earn himself a big win 17-3 against a tough opponent.

Meeting Luc the youngest competitor at the event at 14 (I think) who brought a pretty cool Ogre list.

The games in general, the event, having a beer and a feed at the pub after Day 1, the venue (just superb)... and finally...

Adam's extra large cojones when using the Anvil of Doom...


Jossy said...

Hagens team is called "The Krak Team" FYI

Herman van Kradenburg said...

Nice post. Wasn't even aware you'd taken a pic of yours truly taking on Reagan's Empire! The game against your team was one of the most enjoyable of the tournament for us.
Great fun all around. Nice photos too.

Mark Stanton said...

Your Ogres look great, and the showcase board turned out great.
Good to see a large turnout with 64 players.

Had seen some of the lists and some of them look as hard as nails ... not not much fun been ground into dust, prefer to have a tough and close game. One of the reasons I turned to playing Saga now - a lot easier and mega style lists to contend with.

Wryth said...

Great to have a little catch up with you and Adam, even though we of the 'Massive' didn't get to play you guys

Roriusmaximus said...

Yeah man the Empire bsb was painted by Graeme Fry for my 30th birthday! You can check out his painting log at

The Nerdymen all really enjoyed playing you guys and we thought you were top blokes!

John Murrie said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone - very much enjoyed the event if not the results.

@ Glen - very keen on some gaming weekends, ill be sorting out a table at my place soon so I can return the favour