March 12, 2014

First games with the new Dwarfs

After two weeks with the new book and having filled a small exercise book with numerous lists I have also managed to get in two games with the new Dwarfs.  Both were highly enjoyable and showed just how good some of the key changes in the new book are.

List wise I have to admit that I am struggling to get away from my normal play style and utilise all the new toys and possible combos.  Consequently there is a very familiar feel to what I've been taking, that and I don't have any of the new models yet.  I played the first game against Ogres and the second against Vampires, the latter with lists fitting an 11pt Swedish comp score limit.  Impressions so far:

Hatred Grudge roll thing
Used it vs. Ogres and rolled a 1 so it didn't do much.  Forgot about it completely in game 2, going to have to tattoo it on my hand as I can see it being something I will forget about (much like Stormtrooping my Germans in FOW).

+1 Strength on the charge
Is pretty damn good, and yes it is more than possible for a Dwarf player to get off a lot of charges.  Combine this with a Runesmith in your unit and its an even better rule.  I was using 2 blocks of GW weilding Warriors and 1 block of Hammerers in each game; Runesmiths in each of the Warrior blocks.  Yes you strike last with GW but you still hit like a very large truck in return.  There are not many high AS enemy blocks out there that will want to take a charge from Hammerers hitting a S7 on the charge. This rule also helps with your characters if they are not taking a GW or a Ro Cleaving/Ro Might.

Thinking that two will be mandatory in my lists from now on.  For 98 and 103 points I can kit out two with Shields, Ro Stone and a single Ro Spellbreaking each; the second one also has Ro Furnace to obey the rune rules.  That AP is a great addition as is the MR1.

Organ Guns
Used two last night vs. Vampires and I misfired constantly but with Ro Forging it didn't matter.  Not sure if they are as good without a Master Engineer to buff their BS but still that extra 6" of range and the extra dice worth of shots works wonders.  Rolling to hit I don't mind so much as the extra range and shots balance things out.

Used two units of 10 vs. Ogres and they are pretty good.  The ability to move and shoot makes them a solid unit particularly as they are S5. But 10 of them plus a musician costs 160pts and for that I can take an Organ Gun with a Ro Forging with nearly double the range and more shots (possibly) at the same ballistic skill.

MR Groth the One Eye
Every unit within 12" of the Standard Bearer is Stubborn!!! Took it in both games on the Hammerers with a Warrior block on either flank.  Absolutely awesome.  Give the BSB MR Grungi & 2 RO Slowness and put him in the same unit and you have a very nice stable, reasonably protected, not going anywhere battleline.

Character setups
Working out a few different combos for my characters and have settled on a 4 character set-up for my standard list, possibly 6 characters if I take 2 Master Engineers.  The basic template will be (at this stage):

w. Shield, Shieldbearers, MR Snorri, Ro Fury, Ro Might, Ro Fortitude x2

This gives him 5 wounds, Toughness 6, a 1+/5++ and 5 attacks hitting on 2's at S4 vs. T4 or less or S8 vs. T5 or greater (not including the +1S on the charge).  Alternatively swap out the Ro Fury for the Ro Parrying and you lose 1 attack but your enemy is at -1 to hit him.

Battle Standard Bearer #1
w. Shield, MR Grungi, Ro Slowness x2

3+/4++ and 5++ for units with 6" plus opponents roll 2d6 and take highest off distance when charging.  Put him with Hammerers in between two blocks of Warriors and see what happens.

Battle Standard Bearer #2
w. Shield, Ro Stone, Ro Iron x2, Ro Parrying

2+/2++ vs. flaming, 3 wounds, toughness 6 and opponents at -1 to hit him.

Overall, the new book is working well just having problems deciding what units to take or not to take.... did manage to work out a decent list (at SWC of 11.2) with 4 Gyros, 2 Gyrobombers and a Flame Cannon that seemed like fun.

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