March 13, 2014

Nice surprise tournament 'Best Painted Win'

Following Pete Dunns posts on Fields of Blood as I regularly do and decided to scan through the FoB Honor Roll where he lists all of the award winners at the events that he hosts. 

The result was a large shock and a very nice surprise to see my name down as the winner of 'Best Painted' at Ruination the 4000pt event I attended in January this year.  From memory we applauded the top 3 and pretty much left it at that on the day, so to see this crop up on the Honor roll was pretty cool (congrats to Mike King to for Best Sports). 

My 4000pt army from Ruination
It was the first event that I was able to take my Dwarven display board too so its nice to know that the effort I put in was worth it.  But still its a surprising result for me as the event was attended by a large number of players whose painting and conversion skills are simply amazing e.g. Sam Whitt whose numerous armies are highly deserved winners of the best painted accolade at most of the events he enters.

Still not sure if my Dwarfs will get another tournament run at Runefang over ANZAC weekend but I am hopeful that I'll be able to attend, still building up the necessary brownie points at home first :)


Peter Dunn said...

Jeff Kent has your trophy. Don't let him keep it

Hoodling said...

Congratulations. Given their lack of big showy centrepieces, it's really pretty hard for Dwarf armies to win presentation prizes at tournaments. The big, impressive display board doubtless helped there.

Scott Bowman said...

Very well done on the award John!

John Murrie said...

Thanks guys - and will do Pete