March 17, 2014

WIP - Building a High Elf Display Board Part 1

Continuing my display board building run with one for my High Elves and specifically my double Griffon Eltharion list that I might take to Runefang VII - if I can make it of course.
The plan - along with some extra scribbles
The first thing you have to do with any display board is plan it out.  Simple process to get it right:

  1. Get a sheet of paper the same size as your display board.
  2. Cut out for pieces of paper the same size as the movement trays for the units you are going to display, or just grab some empty movement trays the same size.
  3. Use the movement trays or equivalent bits of paper to map out where you are going to put things, then draw the terrain you might want around them.
  4. Don't forget to (a) leave some leeway for larger/different units if you want the board to be useful for multiple lists and (b) leave room for the space paper mache and filler will take up.
No. 3 is pretty important as I soon discovered that my original drawing wouldn't work as the terrain pieces would not be capable of fitting everything or allow me to comply with No.4.  Hence the original design for a large crenelated walkway and Elven tower were shelved.  

Starting point as with my other two boards was an $8 corkboard from Warehouse Stationary and some left over polystyrene that I had lying around.  Just rip the poly into shapes and use big pieces for the larger areas.  Once the PVA glue on these is dry I'll cover the whole thing in paper mache to give it the right shape, rigidity and strength.  Once the paper mache is dry a layer of poly filler will go over the top to allow me to shape things further and to provide a better surface for flock and paint.
 The big hill is going to get covered in snow at the top so the Griffons are sitting on snowy peaks.  Light snow covering on the rest of the ground with the exception of the area around the Phoenix where Ill try and duplicate the blue/red fire effects I have on its body and base.  I didn't write down my painting process for the Phoenix though so it will be hard to duplicate exactly - lesson in that I think.
I also have some pillars/columns made out of old wine corks and some left over balsa wood bricks so I can put a few ruins around the place.  I might also try and find a way to create a cotton wool cloud effect around the top of the mountain, not sure yet though.

The first stage with the army list its intended for set out to help building

On another note I thought Id also take a couple of pics of my work area, the collection of unpainted models and bits I need finish off and stuff.  Haven't done any painting for a while as the shower in the room above sprung a leak and I've only just finished taking the ceiling down and fixing it.
Oh and the army list I am planning on taking, giving it another test run tomorrow night at my local club, is:

Fluffy High Elves @ 2400pts
Eltharion the Grimm + Stormwing - Lore of Beasts
Noble - Barded Steed, Ogre Blade, Dragon Armour, Enchanted Shield, Luck Stone, BSB
Noble - Griffon, Swiftsense, Charmed Shield, Heavy Armour, Lion Cloak, Sword of Might, Golden Crown
Mage - Level 1, High Magic, Horse, Ruby Ring
15 x Archers - Light armour, musician
15 x Archers - Light armour, musician
5 x Reavers - musician, bows instead of spears
5 x Reavers - musician, bows instead of spears
5 x Reavers - musician, bows instead of spears
8 x Dragon Princes - full command, Banner of Swiftness
Repeater Bolt Thrower
Repeater Bolt Thrower
Frostheart Phoenix

TOTAL 2,391pts - Swedish Comp Score 11.1

I've used a variation of this list and it worked pretty well. Swedish Comp means I had to adjust it.  In its original variation there was a single larger unit of Archers, 4 units of Reavers, two units of Dragon Princes one for each mounted character, and the Mage had the Ring of Fury not the Ruby Ring.


Tony said...

The first stages are looking good. I will folow with interest.


Elven Glades said...

Watching keenly with interest John!

Scott Bowman said...

I think that's going to look cool John.

I'm busy hacking up the poly again myself for a LOTR board...

Always interesting to seeing where/how people work... sorry to hear about the leak!

John Murrie said...

Thanks guys