April 14, 2014

Alternative Gyrocopter models

Along with WHFB I also play Flames of War, although gaming is restricted to tournaments lately, whose WW2 miniatures are absolutely fantastic.  Recently Battlefront the NZ company responsible for FOW started up two new editions of the game.  The first focused on Vietnam and the second on the Arab-Israeli conflict.  After seeing the Stanton brothers WW1 Biplanes standing in for Pegasus Knights (I think) at Call to Arms a few years back I've been looking for some kind of alternate mini for my Gyro's that followed a similar theme.

Battlefronts Vietnam range provided an opportunity as it included the Huey UH1-D Hog or Huey (Iroquios for us Kiwi's) gunship.  With a recent 40% off sale across their entire Vietnam range and after a chat to a club member who designs models for BF about their scale (they are roughly the same size as the current edition Gyro) I decided to order a couple of them to act as Gyrocopters for my Dwarfs.  At $40 for the pair its not the big a spend if they don't work out and I'll enjoy putting them together, but scale wise they should work and I like them better than the new ones.

Whether the models gain acceptance as legitimate alternatives is another story but considering the range of models I have seen people use in events over the years I don't see them being a problem.  If they work out I can grab a couple more, as they are cheaper, and possibly look at the Cobra's to act as Gyrobombers.

Still waiting for them to arrive though as the Vietnam sale was massively over subscribed and BF has had to put a lot of orders on backlog but hoping to get them soon.

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Red Dog said...

Nice idea John, looking forward to seeing how you get on with them.