April 12, 2014

Dwarfs for Runefang - 2400pt tournament list & 9th Ed?

Submitted my list (3 times due to a couple of errors) for Runefang VII yesterday.  Taking Dwarfs which will make this there first official outing under the new book.  List hasn't changed much from the old book due largely to the use of Swedish Comp for the event.  The comp limit for the event is 11pts which makes it much harder to take a lot of war machines, that and I still prefer big blocks of infantry.

Also read some horrible rumours about the new WHFB 9th edition basically becoming 40k but with magic and swords vs. psykers and guns.  If so its going to be freaking horrible (read them here). Really really hope these rumours aren't true because they will basically destroy WHFB as it currently stands.

Anyway my list for Runefang VII is:

The Throng of Karak Thorinkin
Thane (General) - 146pts
w. GW, MR Gromil, Ro Iron x2

Toughness 6, with 3 wounds and a 1+ AS.  Losing the old Ro Resistance which allowed us to re-roll AS still hurts (Dwarfs are the only army it seems that doesn't get this ability).

Thane (BSB) - 171pts
w. GW, Ro Fortitude x2, Ro Furnace

Toughness 6, 3 wounds, 4+ AS, 5+ WS and 2+ vs. Flaming.  Not quite as survivable but he'll do.

Runesmith - 113pts
w. Shield, Ro Stone, Ro Spellbreaking x2

Runesmith - 88pts
w. Shield, Ro Spellbreaking

2 scroll equivalents one of which eats a spell on 4+ alah the old Spelleater rune.  One in each Warrior unit to give them Armour Piercing, or maybe with the Quarrellers to give it to them - FAQ still not out so you could argue that it applies to their shooting as well as CC attacks.

28 x Warriors - 310pts
w. Full command, GW

28 x Warriors - 310pts
w. Full command, GW

10 x Quarrellers - 140pts
w. Musician, Shields

10 x Quarrellers - 140pts
w. Musician, Shields

Blah blah standard core for me.  I like my big blocks.  Did consider taking a horde of 35-40 Quarrellers as my 2nd block but that would have left me with 3 units of infantry which isn't enough against all the skirmish and cheap redirector armies out there.

29 x Hammerers - 501pts
w. Musician, Standard Bearer, MR Groth One-Eye

Runic banner makes all units with 12" stubborn.  Redundant on the Hammerers as they are Stubborn already but I've used this rune a lot and its golden.  

Gyrocopter - 80pts

Gyrocopter - 80pts

Only problem here is I only have the one model so hoping I can borrow one from somewhere.  Was planning on using some alternate models but they haven't arrived yet.

Cannon - 150pts
w. Ro Forging, Ro Burning

Organ Gun - 170pts
w. Ro Accuracy, Ro Forging

+1 to hit and re-roll misfires (on both dice) mean this thing is going to hurt.  I would have taken two but Swedish comp really punishes you for using these things, go figure.

TOTAL 2,399pts Swedish Comp Score 11.3

So there we go.  Not a gun line and none of the other toys like Irondrakes and Ironbreakers, as I don't have the models and no special characters.  I would take Slayers but I don't have the models for a unit and couldn't fit the solo characters into the list, despite usually taking 2-3 of them.


Rex Foote said...

Nice army, can wait to see it at Runefang.

As for the rumored train wreck that is 9th ed fantasy if the rumors are true then i will simply ignore 9th ed and continue playing 8th ed, and i would advise that everyone does the same. 9th ed so far doesn't sound worth the paper it will be printed on

Tane said...

I'm pretty sure the Runesmith's don't give AP to the Quarreller's crossbows. They give it to the unit, but it only applies to shooting if it's in the weapon's profile.

Also, I have 2 painted Gyrocopters you can borrow if you'd like. I'm only just up the road, or I can give them to Hugh Dixon to pass onto you at the tournament. They're rather different to yours though (3rd Ed models, green and white)

John Murrie said...

@ Rex - looking forward to the event, and I'm with you I'll stick to 8th. Just depends on what rest of community does I guess as I still want to have people to play against

@ Tane - Ah come on we can bend the rules just a little bit in our favour can't we? Got a Gyro off Adam Richards, thanks for the offer though much appreciated.

Ironhaiden666 said...

Black tree design do a cool gyro copter too for much less than GW: