April 28, 2014

Runefang VII - Dwarfs vs. Daemons of Chaos 2400pts

Event: Runefang VII - 2400pt WHFB Tournament (Swedish Comp).
Battle:  Game 1 - Dawn Attack
First Turn: Yes
Opponent: Daemons of Chaos (Pete Dunn)
Result: 0-20 (although game was a bye so was scored as 20-0 in my favour)

Hereupon follows but  part of the tale of Urlak Steelpick Thane of Clan Morgral of Karak Thorinkin who fell in the Northern wastes some 400 years ago.   Entered into the annuals of the Hold as the Runefang campaign it follows his failed attempt to forge a path northward to recover the lost holds of Norsca from the hordes of Chaos.  Marching from Karak Thorinkin at the end of winter the Warriors and pathfinders of Urlaks clan were joined by members of the other clans of the hold.  Warriors from Clan Theolik the holds rulers, and Clan Vagar home to its Runesmiths accompanied Urlak along with many more from smaller clans seeking increase their influence within the hold.  Unsupported by the many in the hold Urlak was, bold, heroic but doomed to failure.  Not because the might of the Dwarfs of Karak Thorinkin was doubted, but for the real truth for Urlak's march north.  His son, Thonir Urlaksson had lost the Clan's banner in battle against Orcs north of the hold.  Shamed beyond measure he had taken the Slayer oath and marched north into the wastes.  After 80 years Urlak still mourned his son and now sought to lead an army north to find him...

...months passed as the Throng moved northward, many a battle and skirmish were fought, shelter taken in small holds in the northern mountains and among the humans of the Empire.  No sign of the denizens of Chaos had been found but now with the first of the lost holds just a few days march away Daemons had come.  A virtual plague of Horrors, vile gigantic flying insects whose bulbous abdomens drip venom on the ground over which they passed, other strange creatures of foul aspect and at their head a Daemon Prince a herald of Tzeentch whose corrupted presence tainted the very air around the battlefield.

Opting to surprise his enemy Urlak chose to attack at Dawn, but from the start his plans proved flawed. The creatures of Chaos cast their web of tricky and deceit over the battlefield thickening the morning shadows.  The Dwarven army arrived on the field of battle dispersed and disorganised - Urlak, surround by his Hammerer bodyguard, his battle standard bearer Thoradan Granitedelver next to him steeled himself to face the huge Daemon army before him.

 Deployed in a single line the corrupted foul Daemon army began to spit blue warpfire and other dark magics at the Dwarfs.  Cannon and Organ Gun fire replied in kind but to the Dwarfs horror the war machines were almost immediately silenced, blasted into oblivion by a Chaos machines whose like they had never encountered.
 Too late Urlak realised the Daemons foul plan.  They would bombard his forces with magic, whittling down its strength and only then dare to attack him.  Such cowardly tactics could not be allowed to stand and Urlak gave the order to march.  In three mighty blocks the Warriors of Karak Thorinkin moved in a relentless tide toward the enemy.
 But the enemy refused to commit to battle.  Their forces fell back as more magic killed Dwarf after Dwarf.  Flying fish like creatures and the vile Daemon Prince passed over the ranks of the advancing Dwarfs and into the armies rear.  Quarrellers continued to fire at the Daemon Prince, joined by the Steam Guns of the throngs 2 Gyrocopters.  But their missile fire was ineffective and as the main Dwarven battleline advanced those few units in its rear were crushed mercilessly.

Finally, the Blue Horrors could retreat no more and with a great cry the warriors and hammerers of the Thorinkin charged into battle.  Dark magic and foul Chaos tricky again proved Urlak's undoing.  Unable to combine his troops into a single massive charge, the forces of Chaos redirected his regiments splitting them up, isolating them, slowing them down and attacking them one by one.  Axes rose and fell and Daemon horrors died by the score under the Dwarfs blades.  But even in death the Daemons could still kill.  As each Horror died its foul spirit and flesh lashed out at the Dwarfs culling their ranks still further.  For every Daemon that was killed numerous Dwarfs fell and still more Horrors seemed to rise from the dead to fill their endless ranks.
Surrounded on four sides Urlaks right flank was wiped out in one brutal round of combat, only his left managed some success advancing through the weaker Daemon lines on that part of the battlefield.  But the Dwarfs here were now too far away to help Urlak.  With this right flank and rear wiped out the full might of the Daemon host crashed into Urlak and his Hammerers.

Surrounded on all sides the Hammerers fought to the last.  Dwarven steel cleaved through Daemon after Daemon but they were vastly outnumbered.  Now alone his Battle Standard Bearer dead beside him and his Hammerer bodyguard dead all around him - Urlak Steelpick awaited his fate.  Crying to the dark gods of Chaos the might Daemon Prince raised its huge blade in challenge.  Thinking he was being offered an honourable death Urlak stepped forward to face the follower of Tzeentch.  But it was not to be... pain engulfed Urlak as claws were driven into his back from behind and a horde of Blue Horrors descended on his corpse, and those of his defeated Bodyguard.  The feast was long and the Daemons ate well... only their insatiable hunger allowing those few Dwarfs left alive to slink away and begin the long march home.


Peter Dunn said...

Yum Yum...Stunty for breakfast

Jeffrey Kent said...

My condolences for your loss