April 30, 2014

Runefang VII - Dwarfs vs. High Elves 2400pts

Event: Runefang VII - 2400pt WHFB Tournament (Swedish Comp).
Battle: Game 3 - Watchtower
Controlled Watchtower: Yes
Opponent: High Elves (Mike King)
Result: 0-20

The scouting reports brought to the King by the holds Pathfinders brought a smile to the old Dwarfs grim face. The Elves he sought had been sighted, an army of pointy eared treacherous filth led by oath breaking scum whom the King and all his Thanes were Grudge Sworn to kill. Reaching for his great axe the King rose to his feet and hundreds of Dwarfs in the great hall fell silent as he spoke, announcing the call to arms. The hold’s throng would march once more to do battle with the Elves; the forces would meet at the site of an ancient watch-tower, Elven blood would flow, and grudges would be stricken from the Holds great book….
The armies deploy
 3 days later…

…the King was dead slain by an Elven noble atop a Great Dragon. Of the thousands of Dwarfs who had marched forth with him none had returned to the hold. From the beginning the battle had not gone well. Reaching the battlefield first the slower moving Dwarfs failed to garrison the watch-tower as the King and his Thanes argued over how to deploy their forces. Driven almost mad by their ancestral grudge against the Elven Nobles across the field from them neither the King nor his Thanes could agree on how to secure their vengeance.
Vanguarding Elven cavalry sneaky pointy eared ....
While they dithered fast Elven cavalry rushed around the Dwarf armies flanks, bright streams of Elven magic began to kill Dwarf after Dwarf and Elven archery killed still more. The Dwarven army lacking clear leadership responded as best it could. Artillery and Quarrellers began to fire at the few Elven units in range, and Gyrocopters raced ahead firing their steam guns at scouting Elven cavalry. But their efforts were not concentrated and while scores of Elves fell across multiple units, none broke and none were hit enough to remove them from the battlefield.

The advance begins but that damn fast cavalry swings round behind
Finally beginning their advance the Kings Hammerers moved with him toward the Watchtower, flanked either side by ranked units of Warriors from the holds various clans. Stout Dwarven legs were too slow however and ahead of the King a tide of Elves wearing Lion Cloaks entered the watchtower and took up position along its ruined battlements. On the right flank a massed horde of Elven heavy cavalry withdrew in the face of the advancing Clan Warriors. Their withdrawal drew the Dwarfs into the open where dozens were killed by quick firing Elven bolt-throwers. On the left flank the Clans advance was halted as Elven arrows darkened the sky and magic lit it up like lightning within a storm cloud.

Behind the Dwarven lines its single battery of Great Cannon came under attack from Elven fast cavalry. At the same time the Elven General and his Dragon emerged from cover. One cannon took aim and fired at the huge beast only for their machine to explode as its flaming shell misfired. So great was the explosion that the entire battery was wiped out; the only weapons capable of hurting the Elven Dragon now gone. On the left Giant Eagles swooped down from the sky and attacked the remaining Dwarf artillery, ranked Organ Guns attempting to put pay to the Elven Archers. These too fell silent leaving the throngs warriors at the mercy of Elven magic, archery and its Dragon.

Not seeing the disaster occurring behind him and oblivious of the fate of the warriors on his flanks the King and his Hammerers charged the White Lions in the Watchtower. Great axes wielded by both sides rose and fell. While the Elven blades were quicker those of the Dwarfs proved sharper. For every Dwarf that was killed 5 Elves fell. Over half of the White Lions defending the watchtower died in that initial charge. But they held and the Dwarfs were forced to fall back.

Reduced in frontage the Hammerers have fallen back from their first assault on the Watchtower
Only now did the King understand that his artillery had failed him. As he readied his Hammerers for another assault on the watchtower the Elven General on his Dragon emerged from behind the Watchtower and charged his flank. On the right flank those few Dwarfs not killed by magic or Elven artillery were now charged by the massive block of Elven Heavy Cavalry to their front. On the left Gyrocopters continued to kill and maim scores of Elven archers, but failed to destroy any units whole switching back and forth between targets. The Warriors on this flank though had now advanced upon the Watchtower aiming to succeed where the King had failed.

But before this fresh assault could be launched on the building Elven magic and archery decimated their ranks and only ½ of the Dwarfs that started their assault made it to the walls. Clambering over fallen stone, and through gaps rent in the masonry Dwarven axes were met by those of the Elven defenders. This time Dwarf blood would flow in abundance and those few Dwarfs who survived long enough to retreat from the assault were then cut down by Elven archers and magic.

The final act, the last ditch attempt to kill the Elven General and capture the Tower
Meanwhile the King and his Hammerers had weathered the first attacks by the Great Dragon. The king himself had wounded the Elven General and now a small unit of Quarrellers, the only unit from the army’s rear still alive, charged in to support the King. Two ranked units of Dwarves against a single Elf and his Dragon. The outcome should have been victory for the Dwarves, but it was not to be. Every part of the Dragon seemed to kill – its claws, tail, wings and teeth taking Dwarf after Dwarf. As all his Warriors fell only the King was left and then he too was dispatched an Elven blade piercing his chest as a Dragons claw tore his head from his shoulders.

Of the once great Dwarven army that had marched onto the field of battle only a handful of warriors led by the sole surviving Runesmith still lived. Surrounded by a horde of Elven cavalry they fought on bravely praying to Grimnar for salvation…. Grimnar did not answer.


Rex Foote said...

Nice Battle Report, cant wait to see how you write up our game

Jeffrey Kent said...

My condolences for your loss, also I noticed that you neglected to name your characters in this battle report.

Ben Brophy said...

I loved the style of this report. Well done! Sorry the game went badly, but you made a good story out of it.