April 15, 2014

Runefang VII Tournament Lists out: Elves everywhere

Pete Dunn released the list for Runefang VII yesterday.  Apparently they scored between 11 & 18 on Swedish comp making some a lot easier than others, although I still haven't figured out which is which yet.  At 11.3 I guess my Dwarfs are theoretically at the hard end of the scale, 4th lowest score by the looks of it, for the event which is somewhat strange.  Guess that is balanced out by my generalship which generally involves picking whatever side of the table I happen to be standing on if I win the dice roll, plonking everything down kind of in the middle and then advancing straight up the guts aiming for the biggest enemy unit so I can throw lots of dice.

Should be a fun event, as always, although turnout is very low compared to recent years with just 16 players instead of the usual 24-28.  It will make the race for the top either horribly one-sided or very tight.  The armies being taken to the tournament and their respective Swedish comp scores where available are:
  • Warriors of Chaos - 3 (13.2, 11.3 & 11.0)
  • Dwarfs - 2 (11.3 - mine & 18.4).
  • High Elves - 2 (12.7 & ?)
  • Wood Elves - 2 (12.2 & ?)
  • Ogres - 2 (12.0 & ?)
  • Tomb Kings - 2 (13.0 & 13.7)
  • Skaven (11.3)
  • Bretonnians (14.2)
  • Dark Elves (11.2)
So no Orcs n Goblins, Empire, Vampire Counts or Daemons.  Whether that's due to the vagaries of Swedish comp and the ability to fit lists within the 11 max. restriction I'm not sure.  Very interesting to see so many Elves turning up particularly the Wood Elves.

Examining the lists I'd hate to face Peter Williamsons Bretonnians with its 7 units of Knights and one of Pegasus Knights.  I have a lot of GW but seriously its going to be hard yacker trying to kill that lot. The WoC lists and the Dark Elf one look like the big threats though.  But what do I know? 

The other Dwarf list was interesting and very very different to my own.  Alastair Allan's Dwarf list includes:

Belegar Ironhammer
BSB - Shield, MR Grungi, Ro Sanctuary x2
Runesmith - 2 x Ro Spellbreaking, Shield
Grim Burloksson
12 x Thunderers - Shields
12 x Thunderers - Shields
20 x Quarrellers - Shields, SB, Mu, GW
20 x Ironbreakers - Full Command, Ro Stoicism
10 x Miners - Champion, Steam Drill, Blasting CHarges
10 x Irondrakes
5 x Rangers

So 2 special characters, arguably the best ones in the book - although Grim is highly situational and personally I still rate Bugman as a solid choice.  The small unit of Rangers is interesting as is the unit of Miners whose uselessness without an Anvil is only slightly mitigated by getting ambush.  Can see Grim going with Alastairs Quarrellers and the other characters jumping in with the Ironbreakers to create a stubborn very hard to kill unit.  But at 18.4 its the easiest list of the bunch. 

Personally its not the kind of Dwarf list I would play as I prefer my big blocks of infantry (I have 3 of 28+ models) and at least one decent high strength warmachine.  If his shooting doesn't work in Turn 1-2 its going to go badly although the Gyrobomber could cause a few problems.  But aside from Belegar, Grimm and the Irondrakes who have S5 attacks everything in the list is S3 or S4 so it will struggle against the various Monsters that are floating around, and the high AS units.

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