April 19, 2014

WIP - Heresy era Word Bearers & High Elf Terrain Board

Well I have managed to get some painting in over the last week.  The roof leak is fixed but I am now, unfortunately, down to a single paint brush which isn't that ideal for details and small areas.  The others all died slowly and painfully over the preceding weeks and the budget hasn't allowed them to be replaced. (Photos aren't that great still waiting on new camera)

Painting wise I've focused on my 30k collection after my motivation took a big boost from playing my first game of 40k a fortnight ago.  No gaming since then and none at all for next 2 weeks means no practice for my Dwarfs before I head off to Runefang VII next weekend.
Full squad of 10 - Champion in black helm with Powerfist
For the assault troops I swapped out the FW pistols and chainswords on most of the models for GW ones.  The FW ones tended to break and had somewhat limited poses, they were also difficult to fit. That and I like the more solid look of the GW ones better.  Models are still waiting for me to order some Word Bearer shoulder pads from FW - which I will soon as the budget allows.  There are some very dodgy numbers of the fitted shoulder pads that I will paint over as they are rubbish.
Word Bearers Champion (Sergeant) with mix of MkIV & MkVII armour

Also finished adding bits to my other FW/GW marines including some purity seals that I found lying around.  I'm going to make some more of these and start adding skulls and possibly flayed skin looking stuff onto most of the models.  The Champion above has FW MkIV Legion armour and backpack.  But I swapped out the MkIV helmet for a horned GW one.  He has a bolt pistol in a holster on his right hip so I also had to add a Boltgun in his right hand and a chainsword, also GW standard  Once I get my brushes sorted Ill touch up the XVII and the shoulder pad and try to put some script on the purity seals.

I also managed a little bit more work on my High Elf display board before I ran out of polyfiller.  The layer of paper maiche helped solidify everything and once I get filler all over it Ill start painting.

Pillars are going to get a layer of filler that I will try and mould into Doric columns, and I'll flatten out the terrain around them to create a stone floor with a symbol on it.

Not quite sure where I'm going with it but we'll see but my lack of enthusiasm for playing High Elves kind of makes a board for them somewhat redundant. So I might re-jig it to suit my Word Bearers.  Just have to work out a terrain scheme that works for them.  My High Elves all have snow bases while the Word Bearers are getting a mixed brown sand/light grass base - so whatever I decide I am stuck with.

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