May 27, 2014

Avatars of War extend their Dwarf range

Available for pre-order now on the Avatars of War site is their latest Dwarven regiment an alternative to the new GW Hammerers and I have to say I am very impressed.  Sculpt wise I like the AoW more than the GW ones and more importantly for 35 Euros or roughly NZ$70 you can get 30 of these guys if you pre-order them (regular box contains 20)  vs. 10 GW Hammerers for the same price.  

Its pay day this week so I'll be placing an order... enjoy!!!


May 26, 2014

Horned Rat VII - Dwarves stand tall!!

Great weekend at Horned Rat VII with 5 very enjoyable games of Warhammer under my belt with my Dwarves of Karak Thorinkin.  Overall, I finished 10th (out of a field of 26) my second top 10 finish in two events after getting 7th at Runefang the month before (albeit in a smaller field of 16) and had my best result securing 3 solid wins.  I got to play one new opponent Hamish Gordon which was a thoroughly enjoyable game, finally managed to beat another regular opponent Kent Jackson, and got stomped yet again by Neil Williamson who I just can't seem to beat.
My army
My fellow club members had mixed fortunes but I think they enjoyed themselves.  McCrae Louden had the best weekend of all securing 2nd spot at the event with his Dwarves an absolutely outstanding effort.  I think he only lost one game and that wasn't by much and ended up just a few battle points off taking the top spot.... cue grumbling from the anti-Dwarf lobby...

Still haven't got a new camera so photos relied on my rather old phone *sob*

Game 1 vs. Vampires (13-7)
Ancestral Grudge - HATRED!!
Up against club mate Reagan and a list I had played just two weeks before the tournament. In that encounter I got absolutely smashed with Reagan tabling me for what, in the tournament, would have been a 20-0 win to him. This time I had a much better idea of how to play it and things went my way. Things that went well were - The large piece of impassable terrain (ETC rules love this stuff) in the centre of the table. This protected one flank as I moved up. - The unit of Rangers and two Gyrocopters redirecting a Spirit Host and his big unit of Crypt Horrors away from the rest of my army. It cost me 270pts but it meant neither of these units played any other part in the battle. - Reagan moving up his Terrorgheist too early allowing me to get a charge into it with a block of Warriors and accompanying Runesmith. It died in the 1st round of combat.
This proved to be an important part of the game keeping these two VC units away from my units.
Vargheists finish off my warmachines in the rear while the Hammerers and Warriors chop up some Ghols.  
The key moment of the match was Reagans charge into my Hammerers with his Ghoul King and horde of Ghouls. The impassable terrain and unit positions meant he couldn’t charge the Warriors as he would have liked and he had to hit the Hammerers instead. While the Ghoul King took off 8-10 Hammerers a round by himself they stuck around long enough for a block of Warriors to hit them in the flank. Even with a unit of 30-40 Zombies hitting those Warriors in the flank I still did enough damage to beat Reagan on Combat Resolution by killing the entire unit. His Ghoul King died and the rest of his army started to crumble. The Stone-Thrower also got lucky and killed the Coven Throne with one shot, but by this time I had lost all of my war-machines to his Varghiests, all 3 Gryocopters, the Rangers and off course the Hammerers. Consequently, victory wasn’t as complete as it could have been and the end was a 13-7, a fair representation of the battle we fought out.

Game 2 vs. Tomb Kings (0-20) 
Ancestral Grudge - HATRED!!!
Neil had 3 Sphinxs… three!!!! Plus two catapult Trebuchet things a lot of shooting and some other random stuff including a casket. I basically lost this game on deployment when I picked the wrong side and then deployed badly. Neil was able to move his big monsters up through soft-cover negating my Organ Guns which couldn’t hit a thing. One turn I had 14 shots to hit and rolled 12 1’s and two 2’s. This would be a pattern for the rest of the weekend where the Organ Guns did pretty much nothing, unable to hit or wound most of what they shot at. Unable to hit or wound Neil’s Sphinx’s all three of them hit my blocks and just tore through them. The Gyrocopters did reasonably well but by this time my big blocks had been smashed to pulp. For the 2nd event in a row Neil also killed by General with Killing Blow. I always enjoy playing Neil but I just can’t beat him. I think I need an-anti Neil Dwarf list that can deal with him.

This is what happens when you deploy badly and can't hit anything you get 3 Sphinx's charging you.
Doesn't seem fair really - 28 Dwarfs vs. 3 Sphinx's?  Didn't last long.
Meanwhile just because I marched another unit out on its lonesome where it got promptly slaughtered
Last throw of the dice.  Conga line the Hammerers with 2 characters in front.  Meant that the 2 Sphinxs and the chariots out front could only charge the characters and not hit the unit, and that Id at least get a lot of attacks on the side against the other Sphinx.  In the end it didn't really matter that much.

Game 3 vs. Dwarfs (20-0) 
Ancestral Grudge - HATRED
Dwarf vs. Dwarf against Adam. We enjoyed it by having every character challenge every character but I had warmachines, he didn’t and my Gyrocopters were causing havoc. Adams a good mate but you don’t come to a tournament to play club-mates and especially not to play Dwarf on Dwarf match ups.

Game 4 vs. Wood Elves (14-6) 
Ancestral Grudge - HATRED
A game of missed opportunities against the new Wood Elves with a mass of magical arrows, but one in which I finally used the Gyrocopters properly. The Master Rune of Grungi allowed me to march straight at Kent’s army while feeling relatively save and I kept two of the Gyro’s close to my advancing units inside the ward save bubble. The other Gyro and the Organ guns (which finally worked in this game) did a great job protecting my rear by stopping the Warhawks coming in. Kent was horribly unlucky though when 3 Warhawks failed to kill of my 6 Rangers and were held up by a single stubborn Artillery crew member. The Treeman, fantastic looking new model, came in and Tree Whacked (yes that’s the official codex term) my General nearly killing him. The General died the next round but my Warriors smashed the Treeman as well.
Kept one unit of Warriors back as there wasn't room for them.  Wood Elves in a Venom Thicket one unit with Double shot arrows the other with AP.  6" march move just isn't enough.

Moving forward with Gyros under the Grungi bubble
Hammerers ready to rear charge the Glade Guard but the Warriors kill them all first.  Forgot to target the L4 in combat so she fled and then I elected to hold rather than chase her and then failed to go after her the next turn

 Wood Elf shooting is good but it still needed 5’s to wound my Dwarfs and 6’s to wound the Gyros, two of the latter proceeded to flame template away half of Kent’s army before the Hammerers charged in. Key moment came in Turn 6 though. Kent had one block of troops left. I had all of mine including the Hammerers and a block of Warriors (with Runesmith) that was under ½ strength (so half points already to Kent). Both units were in position to charge the Glade Guard unit with the already fleeing Spellweaver in front of the Hammerers right on the table edge. Instead of declaring a charge on the Spellweaver forcing it off the board and gaining the points the Hammerers went into the Glade Guard. They failed allowing meaning the Warriors went in by themselves, got shot to bits and then wiped out in the process. The Runesmith hung on thanks to the MR of Groth the One-Eye but that bad decision cost me 550+ pts and a 20-0 win. I enjoyed the game, first time I’ve beaten Kent too which was nice particularly as he is a nice guy to play against.

Game 5 vs. Hamish G (Empire 0-20) 
Ancestral Grudge - Characters all have hatred vs. Characters
Two units of Budgie riders, a stank, Hellblaster, Cannon and a light bus hidden in a horde of infantry. Deployed badly allowing the Stank to kill 2 Gyro’s, empire warmachines were better than mine and killed both Organ Guns. The Grudge Thrower decided this game to scatter too far, whereas in Game 4 it couldn’t miss and no matter what strength I put into Hamish’s 1+ AS models he kept making saves. Hammerers charging with a Runesmith so hitting on S7 AP so -5 to his AS Empire need 6’s to save, he rolls 6’s. Warriors charging with Runesmith hitting on S6 AP and then S5 AP in rounds after that and he keep’s making his 5’s and 4’s to save. Result? Lots of attacks go in but hardly anyone gets taken off. Deploying badly and poor use of Gyrocopters hurt and I should have remembered how the Stank worked. Still it was another enjoyable game, my first against Hamish who I would be more than happy to play again. Not the finish I was looking for – I only had my 6 Rangers left, mainly because we both forgot they were there after Turn 2.
This match-up didn't end well.
You would think I could kill all 4 in one round, but NO!!!
Got the 10" charge off on the Knights so hitting at S7 with AP but the damn Hellblaster had scored 30 shots the turn before and taking off half the unit.  Round 1 killed 5 Knights, after that it was all over.

So 47 battle points in the end which if I hadn't made those Turn 6 mistakes against Kent could have been 50-53 which would have shifted me up the table a fair bit.  While I am winning games I am still suffering 0-20 defeats which really hurts.  If I can work on cutting these out and when losing at least keep myself to say an 5-15 or 8-12 then that will help.  My goal for the weekend was 50 battle points so I was 3 short and I need to work on my deployment.

10th place should also shift me up the WHFB Tournament Rankings but my thoughts of taking the best General Dwarf icon away from Tane did not count on McCrae's performances of late which have seen him jump to 24th after 3 top 10 finishes in his last 3 events.  I have managed however to jump from 43rd to 33rd which is pretty damn good for me.

May 14, 2014

Karak Thorinkin calls the Banners

"War had come once again to the Dwarfs of the Old World.  All along the great ranges known as the Vaults and the Black Mountains Karak after Karak mustered their strength in response to the call of Karak Thorinkin's King Druegar Stromnisson.  Gyrocopters flew back and forth between each hold carrying messages coordinating the movements of the five Karaks that had answered Stromnissons call. The mightiest gathering of Dwarfs for many centuries, the throngs of six great holds were on the march.  At the head of the throng of Karak Thorinkin was the kings son, Kurgandrak Druegarsson and marching to join him were the throngs of Karak Switzer, Karak Richards, Karak Allan, Karak Lounden, and Karak Dixon.  Thousands of Dwarven warriors, scores of warmachines and dozens of Gyrocopters all set to do battle across the Old World against those foes who would dare face them..."

Reviewing Dwarven Tournament Lists
The grumbling has been long and loud since the field of Horned Rat VII was revealed yesterday to show that of the 28 players attending 6 were bringing Dwarfs.  Curiously the only people who grumble about Dwarfs are non-Dwarf players...  having 6 of us at one event is going to be pretty damn good. But what exactly is everyone bringing?

Karak 'Hugh - Solid as they come' Dixon
Thane (General)
w. GW, MR Gromil, Ro Warding x3
w. BSB, MR Grungi, Shield
w. Ro Spellbreaking x2, MR Passage, Ro Stone, Shield
w. Ro Spellbreaking x2, Ro Stone, Shield

Seems that nearly everyone is taking the MR Grungi, probably in recognition of our inability to close quickly with shooting armies and those that can spam a lot of magic missiles. Add the MR Grungi in with a Runesmiths MR1 and your units get a 4+ WS vs. magical shooting and direct damage spells; that includes the new Wood Elf arrows.  Standard character set up for Karak Dixon, MR Passage allows a unit to auto-pass dangerous terrain tests.  Ro Warding gives his General a 4+WS.

38 x Warriors - FC, GW
20 x Quarrellers - FC, GW
22 x Hammerers - FC, MR Groth One Eye, Ro Fire, Ro Striking
Cannon - Ro Forging
Cannon - Ro Forging, Ro Burning
6 x Rangers
Organ Gun - Ro Forging Ro Accuracy

3 blocks, all stubborn thanks to Groth One Eye.  Flaming attack on Hammerer Veteran to negate regeneration on any attacking monster.  Good amount of artillery and 3 redirectors to keep the warmachines safe.  Nice solid list.

Karak 'McCrae - Buzz Buzz' Lounden
Runesmith (General)
w. Ro Stone, Ro Spellbreaking x2, Shield
w. Ro Stone, Ro Spellbreaking x2, MR Passage, Shield
w. BSB, Shield, MR Grungi

Club mate McCraes list is light on characters but he really values to Spell eating options, yet another MR Grungi.

35 x Warriors - Veteran, Standard, GW
24 x Warriors - Veteran, Standard, Shields
20 x Hammerers - Veteran, Standard
Cannon - Ro Forging
G/Thrower - Ro Accuracy, Ro Burning
5 x Gyrocopters - 1 vanguard
16 x Irondrakes - Musician, Veteran
Organ Gun - Ro Accuracy, Ro Forging

Like me McCrae likes big blocks but he has concentrated his in his Warriors rather than even them out. Don't think the Hammerers are large enough IMO.  Shield block is interesting choice and will probably be a roadblock protecting war machines.  Big inclusion in this list are McCrae's FIVE Gyrocopters. Going to fun to see that lot buzzing around the table top.

Karak 'Adam - Big Cajones' Richards
Thane (General)
w. Shield, Ro Warding x3
w. BSB, MR Grungi, Strollaz Rune, Ro Slowness
w. Ro Spellbreaking x2, Ro Dismay, Ro Fire
w. Ro Spellbreaking x2, Ro Furnace, Ro Dismay

Adam 'Big Cajones' Richards has taken yet another of his out there lists.  Probably the most inventive local Dwarf player and the most staunch Dwarf player in the country.  Once you see Strollaz on the BSB you know that he has built a vanguarding army.  

29 x Longbeards - FC, Shields, Strollaz
28 x Longbeards - FC, Shields, Strollaz, Sanctuary
23 x Hammerers - FC, MR Groth One Eye
3 x Gyrocopters - 1 Brimstone Gun, 2 Vanguards
6 x Rangers - Veteran, Musician
6 x Rangers - Veteran

Yep its vanguarding all right and there are NO that's right NO warmachines.  3 big blocks all marching up 12" before the 1st turn, assuming the BSB goes into the Hammerers.  Not only that but they are all stubborn due to Groth One Eye and have the 5+/4+ WS from MR Grungi.  Rangers go down to stop any opponent from blocking his vanguard moves and the Gyrocopters vanguard to protect his armies flanks - although he might deploy using one table edge as a flank protector.  I'd like to play this list but I don't have the cajones for it. At 12" away its only a roll of 9 on 2d6 for him to get charges off in turn one.  

Karak 'Simon - built to castle' Switzer
Runesmith (General)
w. Ro Spellbreaking, GW, Ro Stone
w. BSB, GW, Ro Stone, Ro Furnace, Shield
w. Ro Stone, Ro Furnace, GW

I hope the 2nd Runesmith's kit out was a typo on Simons list because I can't figure out why he doesnt have a Ro Spellbreaking.  BSB not that well protected 2+, 6++ and 2++ vs. Flaming.  Points have all gone into Troops

49 x Warriors -  FC, GW
12 x Quarrellers - GW, Musician
30 x Hammerers - FC
30 x Hammerers - FC
Cannon - Ro Forging, Ro Burning
Cannon - Ro Forging
Organ Gun - Ro Forging, Ro Accuracy
Organ Gun - Ro Accuracy

OK, I would not want to face this.  49 Warriors and 2 blocks of 30 stubborn Hammerers are going to cause a serious amount of pain.  But lack of Gryo's and smaller units make it easy for fast moving and skirmishing opponents to outflank, get off multiple charges and negate his ranks.  Karak Castle in Corner is alive and well.

Karak 'Alistair - I'm setting you on Fire' Allan
Lord (General)
w. Oathstone, MR Alaric the Mad, Ro Speed, Ro Iron x3, Shield

Finally a Lord character, the only one in 6 Dwarf lists and with an Oathstone to boot.  Guess he is going in the Ironbreakers so thats a 5+PS all around with no flanks or rear and full supporting attacks in every direction.  He'll have to declare and accept challenges but is well protected.  Toughness 6, with 3 wounds and a 3+/5++.  Attack wise its an interesting set up.  4 attacks at WS7 I5 hitting at S4 but with no Armour Saves allowed.  So if he wounds your dead and most likely he'll be hitting first.

w. BSB, MR Grungi, 2 x Ro Battle
w. Ro Spellbreaking, Fiery Ring of Thorri, Ro Stone, Shield
Master Engineer
w. Ro Fire x2, Handgun
w. Ro Spellbreaking x2, Ro Stone, Shield

Another MR Grungi and TWO Ro Battle meaning this guy adds +3 CR to every combat he is in (1 for BSB and 2 for the Runes).  Another Ring of Thorri YAH!!! But opponents may overlook the double Ro Fire on the Master Engineer which also gives him a Breath Weapon - so thats two Flaming Breath Weapons in one Dwarf army.  

11 x Thunderers - Veteran, BoPistols, Shields
11 x Thunderers - Veteran, BoPistols, Shields
20 x Quarrellers - Veteran, Shields, Musician, GW
20 x Ironbreakers - Musician, Standard, Ro Stoicism
Cannon - Ro Burning
Gyrocopter - Brimstone Gun
Flame Cannon - MR immolation
Organ Gun - Ro Accuarcy, Ro Burning

Flaming gun line?!?   2 Flame templates from the Runesmith and Master Engineer, the Flame Cannon, a Flaming Cannon and a Flaming Organ Gun with +1 to hit is painful.  Oh and the Brimstone gun is also Flaming.  Stubborn Ironbreakers in the middle.  Opponents shouldn't overlook the importance of the Pistols on the Thunderer Champions.  Stand and shoot reactions are done at the range of the shortest range weapon in the unit.  Consequently, all stand and shoot reactions in the 2 Thunderer units will occur at short-range without penalty due to Dwarf crafted so hitting on 4's at S4 AP.

So that's the other 5 Dwarf lists attending Horned Rat in two weeks time (you can read mine here).  All told the 6 Dwarven armies are bringing:
  • 14 Gyrocopters
  • 6 Cannons
  • 7 Organ Guns
  • 2 Stone Throwers
  • 1 Flame Cannon
Happy Days!!!

May 13, 2014

Garage Hammer Podcast & Dwarfs galore at Horned Rat

Lists for next fortnights tournament in Wellington (Horned Rat) are out tonight and it appears that Dwarfs are the most popular army around with 6/28 players bringing them.  Hopefully this won't mean a lot of stumpy on stumpy games.

In other news I've been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, prompted by a post over at Fields of Blood, and in particular various reviews of the Dwarf book.  One that I have enjoyed and gotten the most out of are those from Garage Hammer.

They released Part 1 of their review a few weeks ago and have finally provided Parts 2a and 2b on their website.  I would strongly advice any Dwarf players out there to give them a listen, well worth it.

Garage Hammer Link

May 5, 2014

Dwarf Tournament List 2400pts for Horned Rat

Submitted my list for Horned Rat VII this morning.  With the completion of my two Gyrocopter alternates I was able to make some adjustments following my adventures at Runefang VII last month. The changes reflect largely how my list functioned at Runefang and a couple of issues I wanted to address.  It does represent a big change for me though.

The Throng of Karak Thorinkin
General - Kurgandrak Druegarsson
Thane w. GW, Pistol, MR Gromil, Ro Iron x2

Same set up that I took to Runefang.  T6 W3 with a 1+ AS. Pistol just there to fill up leftover points.

BSB - Harthdane Stonewall
Thane w. Shield, BSB, MR Grungi

Key Change #1 - Dropping Runes which gave him T6 & W3 as well as GW for MR Grungi.  I lost a few units to shooting and magic missiles at Runefang.  This banner coupled with Runesmiths MR1 should help a little bit - 5+WS or 4+ WS for Runesmith units vs. magic missiles & direct damage.

Godrim Fireforge
Runesmith w. Shield, Ro Spellbreaking x2

Thurlok Daemonsbane
Runesmith w. Shield, Firey Ring of Thorri, Ro Spellbreaking

No real changes for either Runesmith except for inclusion of Firey Ring of Thorri a S4 Flaming Breath Weapon just for fun.

Clan Beordin 'Protectors of the Underway'
28 x Dwarf Warriors w. Full command, Great Weapons

Clan Vagarsson 'Masters of the Forge'
28 x Dwarf Warriors w. Full command, Great Weapons

No changes here - units of 28 worked well.  Key Change #2 - both units of 10 Quarrellers from Runefang are now gone leaving the Warriors as my only core.

Clan Theolik 'The Goblin Killers'
26 x Hammerers w. Standard Bearer, MR Groth the One Eye

3 less bodies than at Runefang and no musician to fit under the 450pt cap on unit size.  Stubborn banner was golden at Runefang so keeping it.

Gyrocopter w. Vanguard, Steam Gun

Gyrocopter w. Vanguard, Steam Gun

The Blue Max
Gyrocopter w. Steam Gun

Key change #3 - a third Gyrocopter added to list and 2 of them have been giving Vanguard.  Whether I use that option or not depends on my opponents list. Under ETC rules Gyros can also stand and shoot - in fact reading the rules they can anyway you just have to be in range.

Rat Crusher
Grudge Thrower w. Ro Accuracy

Key change #4 - the Flaming Cannon is out and the Grudge Thrower is in.  The range is longer 60" and the GT has the advantage of indirect fire meaning big monsters can no longer hide behind hills etc that block LOS.  ETC rules use infinitely high terrain.  Deploying the Cannon was always problematic.  GT is also still S9 under the hole so if you hit a monster you will hurt it.

Clan Kragdrak 'The Pathfinders'
6 x Rangers w. Shields

Key change #5 - well not really that big a change.  Needed some shooting and 6 Rangers beats 10 Quarrellers any day.  AS vs, Shooting is the same but they are slightly tougher in combat.  Throwing Axes and scout rule with Vanguard Gyro's is a nice option as well.

Daemon Smitter
Organ Gun w. Ro Forging, Ro Burning

Thorins Wrath
Organ Gun w. Ro Accuracy, Ro Forging

Key change #6 - dropped one unit of Quarrellers to add the 3rd Gyro.  Dropped the 2nd unit of Quarrellers to take a 2nd Organ Gun.  At T7 its harder for opponents to kill, although it has a weaker AS when hit 6+ vs. 4+ for Quarrellers.  But its S5 AP vs. S4, can lay down more than 10 shots and has 360 degree LOS vs. Quarrellers who have to move.

TOTAL 2,400 (22% Hero, 28% Core, 35% Special, 17% Rare)

Key change #7 - Only 3 blocks of infantry and a lot more war machines mean the Throng is substantially different from what I would normally take.  Its going to be interesting to see how this works.  Have a game with them tomorrow night vs. Vampire Counts.

As far as Horned Rat goes I would like to do better than I did at Runefang (7th and 2nd best painted) and also a lot better than my last two Horned Rat appearances (22nd & 28th with High Elves).  Getting Best Sport at Horned Rat for the 3rd year in a row would be cool as well.

Also noted disappointingly that the Flames of War competition at Call to Arms in August is going to be Early War rather than Late War as it has been the last couple of years.  I've taken Fallschirmjager to the LW event there the last two years and done extremely well finishing 10th & 12th.  Early War though is not my cup of tea.  So I'll be entering the WHFB competition instead.  In fact as I am playing WHFB at Panzershrek and not planning on attending FRACAS this year will be the first for a while in which I have not attended any FOW tournaments.... need more local opponents....

May 3, 2014

Alternative Dwarf Gyrocopters complete

Nearly finished work on my two alternative Gyrocopter models for my WHFB Dwarfs.  Using two Huey Hog gunships from Battlefront.  Was hoping the models would turn up in time for me to take them to Runefang but unfortunately they didn't.  99% completed the painting of them, just a rotor blade to do and the bases (gun still missing from one).  All up very happy with them.  The scale is good and in my opinion they fit in well with rest of my army.  Definitely a very different look.  Did come across one of the newer Gyro's at Runefang last weekend and it turned out to be smaller than the pictures make it look.  Definitely worth buying but I got two Hueys for less the price of one GW Gyro and price wins.

Anyway see what you think...

... rotor blades are magnetised so you can detach them for storage.


May 2, 2014

Runefang VII - Dwarfs vs. Wood Elves 2400pts

Event: Runefang VII – 2400pt WHFB Tournament
Battle: Game 4 – Battle for the Pass
First Turn: Yes
Opponent: Wood Elves (Old Book) - (Rex Foote)
Result: 19-1

The following is an extract from the history of Clan Kragdrak written by Thane Gragrundel Trollhammer of Karak Thorinkin in Imperial year 2014

It took nearly two centuries for our clan to scour the Karaks northern lands of the great forests. Our kindred among the other clans of the Thorinkin did not envy our task. Old mines overrun with Skaven and even the Daemon infested places of the great deep are terrors they would rather face than spend a day walking amongst those dank green places. If not needed for fire and forge most would be happy to burn all the forests and their inhabitants down. But then, unlike the rest of the Karak the dwarfs of Clan Kragdrak have always been happier with sky rather than stone above their heads. As rangers we maintain small copses, dwarf-made tree plantations on our lands, enough for the holds needs. But the great forests we have driven back as far as we can; the better to give us warning of any incursions by their more foul inhabitants particularly the Beastmen.
Dryads invade our lands
But it seems our latest efforts have awakened a new enemy more delicate and ethereal than the Beasts we are used to fighting but far more deadly. Wood Elves or the Fey of Athel Loren as they prefer to be known took offence to the destruction of their blasted trees; and in the year 2014 they sought retribution. If killing the Rangers of our clan was not sufficient to bear grudge against them then the foul magic which makes trees walk and invade our sacred lands was. No foe has dared do this since the Goblin Wars and the days of XXXX. Hundreds of living trees, giant beasts of the forest and other strange creatures bore down upon us marching through XXX XIX, the pass that guards our Northern border. Behind this army goading the living trees on like Clan Rats driving forward masses of Skaven Slaves were the frail shapes of the beasts Elven masters. In reply all of the clans set forth, rank upon rank of stout warriors, everyone filled with hatred for the Elves defilement of our lands.
The armies deploy and prepare to do battle
Our King son’s Kurgandrak Druegarsson was given the honour of leading the army. Following his father’s example he took position in the centre of the field surrounded by Hammerers of Clan Theolik. On either side of him were the warriors of Clan Beordin – Protectors of the Underway and Clan Vagarsson – Masters of the Forge. Clan Kragdrak’s contribution to the battle is limited. I myself stand with but a few of the Clans Quarrellers on the left flank of the army. We had been given the task of trading missile fire with those few Elves who have dared to march with their forest army. Overhead Gyrocopters swoopeed down and Steam Guns roared as they poured fire into the Elven ranks. One brave pilot Brundlodz Bigglesson earned himself a place on the clans wall of honour in the opening moments of the battle. Alone on the right flank he spied the terror inspiring advance of a gigantic Treeman. Diving toward it Bigglesson sacrificed himself to stop its advance charging and fought alone. The importance of his act would not be made clear till much later.
Moments before the Wood Elf charge - the Treeman/Gryocopter combat on the right has already begun
Driven by army wide hatred our throng marched forward toward the enemy. Overhead Cannons and Organ Guns of Clan Vagarsson roared continuously and the battlefield was soon littered with the blasted remnants of Dryads and other foul creatures. One cannon shot scored a direct hit on a 2nd giant Treeman destroying it utterly with a single flaming cannon ball. On the left flank our crossbows proved stronger than Elven arrows but not as strong as their magic. As the armies closed with each other not even the efforts of our Runesmiths could stop a number of spells getting through. As Organ and Steam Guns shattered Dryad after Dryad my Dwarfs lowered their crossbows at the sight of a dark lightning streaked cloud arcing toward the warriors of Clan Beordin on our right.
The victims of the Elves Pit of Shades
The dark cloud settled, shimmered and then opened a huge pit below the Warriors of the Clan. Into that hole fell scores of Dwarfs. Amongst them the Thane of Clan Beordin and the armies Battle Standard Bearer and a Runesmith whose name, to my shame, I did not know. They fell, lost to that Pit of Shades, a Pit which closed as suddenly as it had opened.
Turn 3 and things are still balanced
Emboldened by the success of their magic the entire Elven army then charged our lines. We watched as Dryads and other strange creatures smashed into our kindred. Great Axes rose and fell and brightest amongst them was the Great Axe of Kurgandrak Druegarsson.
A Dryad unit weakened by artillery fire makes its charge

Driven by hatred Kurgandrak and his Hammerers cleaved their way through the enemy’s ranks. On either side the Warriors of Clan Beordin and Clan Vagarsson fought with equal ferocity. Despite their strength and agility the Dryads seemed unable to hit let alone wound our Warriors. Few Dwarfs fell as result of the enemy’s charge, but scores of the enemy were themselves felled.

The Elven mage was also ineffective as our armies sole surviving Runesmith Thurlok Daemonsbane dispelled the Elf’s magic with ease. My own clan’s crossbows and the Steam Guns of our Gyrocopters also began to take heavy toll on the enemy. The Elven archers to our front were wiped out and were followed soon after by the mage and the only survivor the so called Hero that carried the Elven Battle Standard fled before us.
The Elven centre begins its charge toward the Hammerers
It was now that the sacrifice of Brundlodz Bigglesson and its importance was made clear. Stopped from advancing around our right flank the gigantic Treeman was unable to help its kindred. If left unopposed its great bulk would have hit the unprotected flank of Clan Vagarsson Warriors. While Bigglesson fought his last stand our army destroyed the invader, utterly. Not a single Elf, beast or Tree was left. The cowardly Elven Standard Bearer was ground into the mud along with his kindred, and his banner taken back to the Karak.
The end of the battle.  A field clear of Elves and full of Dwarves
The gigantic creature faced by Bigglesson could have turned the tide in their favour, but it the sole survivor of the invaders army, fled the field. Using some fey magic it managed to escape our efforts to destroy it. But its time will come. The creature whatever it is has been entered into our Karaks Book of Grudges. Even now my Rangers have begun scouting north into Elven lands. We will find that Treeman and the forest home of its Elven masters. Find it, destroy it and ensure that never again do they desecrate our lands.