May 5, 2014

Dwarf Tournament List 2400pts for Horned Rat

Submitted my list for Horned Rat VII this morning.  With the completion of my two Gyrocopter alternates I was able to make some adjustments following my adventures at Runefang VII last month. The changes reflect largely how my list functioned at Runefang and a couple of issues I wanted to address.  It does represent a big change for me though.

The Throng of Karak Thorinkin
General - Kurgandrak Druegarsson
Thane w. GW, Pistol, MR Gromil, Ro Iron x2

Same set up that I took to Runefang.  T6 W3 with a 1+ AS. Pistol just there to fill up leftover points.

BSB - Harthdane Stonewall
Thane w. Shield, BSB, MR Grungi

Key Change #1 - Dropping Runes which gave him T6 & W3 as well as GW for MR Grungi.  I lost a few units to shooting and magic missiles at Runefang.  This banner coupled with Runesmiths MR1 should help a little bit - 5+WS or 4+ WS for Runesmith units vs. magic missiles & direct damage.

Godrim Fireforge
Runesmith w. Shield, Ro Spellbreaking x2

Thurlok Daemonsbane
Runesmith w. Shield, Firey Ring of Thorri, Ro Spellbreaking

No real changes for either Runesmith except for inclusion of Firey Ring of Thorri a S4 Flaming Breath Weapon just for fun.

Clan Beordin 'Protectors of the Underway'
28 x Dwarf Warriors w. Full command, Great Weapons

Clan Vagarsson 'Masters of the Forge'
28 x Dwarf Warriors w. Full command, Great Weapons

No changes here - units of 28 worked well.  Key Change #2 - both units of 10 Quarrellers from Runefang are now gone leaving the Warriors as my only core.

Clan Theolik 'The Goblin Killers'
26 x Hammerers w. Standard Bearer, MR Groth the One Eye

3 less bodies than at Runefang and no musician to fit under the 450pt cap on unit size.  Stubborn banner was golden at Runefang so keeping it.

Gyrocopter w. Vanguard, Steam Gun

Gyrocopter w. Vanguard, Steam Gun

The Blue Max
Gyrocopter w. Steam Gun

Key change #3 - a third Gyrocopter added to list and 2 of them have been giving Vanguard.  Whether I use that option or not depends on my opponents list. Under ETC rules Gyros can also stand and shoot - in fact reading the rules they can anyway you just have to be in range.

Rat Crusher
Grudge Thrower w. Ro Accuracy

Key change #4 - the Flaming Cannon is out and the Grudge Thrower is in.  The range is longer 60" and the GT has the advantage of indirect fire meaning big monsters can no longer hide behind hills etc that block LOS.  ETC rules use infinitely high terrain.  Deploying the Cannon was always problematic.  GT is also still S9 under the hole so if you hit a monster you will hurt it.

Clan Kragdrak 'The Pathfinders'
6 x Rangers w. Shields

Key change #5 - well not really that big a change.  Needed some shooting and 6 Rangers beats 10 Quarrellers any day.  AS vs, Shooting is the same but they are slightly tougher in combat.  Throwing Axes and scout rule with Vanguard Gyro's is a nice option as well.

Daemon Smitter
Organ Gun w. Ro Forging, Ro Burning

Thorins Wrath
Organ Gun w. Ro Accuracy, Ro Forging

Key change #6 - dropped one unit of Quarrellers to add the 3rd Gyro.  Dropped the 2nd unit of Quarrellers to take a 2nd Organ Gun.  At T7 its harder for opponents to kill, although it has a weaker AS when hit 6+ vs. 4+ for Quarrellers.  But its S5 AP vs. S4, can lay down more than 10 shots and has 360 degree LOS vs. Quarrellers who have to move.

TOTAL 2,400 (22% Hero, 28% Core, 35% Special, 17% Rare)

Key change #7 - Only 3 blocks of infantry and a lot more war machines mean the Throng is substantially different from what I would normally take.  Its going to be interesting to see how this works.  Have a game with them tomorrow night vs. Vampire Counts.

As far as Horned Rat goes I would like to do better than I did at Runefang (7th and 2nd best painted) and also a lot better than my last two Horned Rat appearances (22nd & 28th with High Elves).  Getting Best Sport at Horned Rat for the 3rd year in a row would be cool as well.

Also noted disappointingly that the Flames of War competition at Call to Arms in August is going to be Early War rather than Late War as it has been the last couple of years.  I've taken Fallschirmjager to the LW event there the last two years and done extremely well finishing 10th & 12th.  Early War though is not my cup of tea.  So I'll be entering the WHFB competition instead.  In fact as I am playing WHFB at Panzershrek and not planning on attending FRACAS this year will be the first for a while in which I have not attended any FOW tournaments.... need more local opponents....

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McCrae said...

I like the changes. The second OG will be really threatening to all the elf lists out there and the 3 gyros will benefit from the MR of Groth one eye to hold up stuff (e.g. frost phoenix etc).

Personally I don't think the thane general is worth it but that is just me. I would just go a lord instead, either with smiting + might to scare the crap out of all that stuff that you don't want to fight, or if you want a tanky lord you could use groth to just charge out of a unit to hold up death stars, Vamp busses etc. But then again, no vamp lord etc would want to go toe to toe with smiting + might.