May 14, 2014

Karak Thorinkin calls the Banners

"War had come once again to the Dwarfs of the Old World.  All along the great ranges known as the Vaults and the Black Mountains Karak after Karak mustered their strength in response to the call of Karak Thorinkin's King Druegar Stromnisson.  Gyrocopters flew back and forth between each hold carrying messages coordinating the movements of the five Karaks that had answered Stromnissons call. The mightiest gathering of Dwarfs for many centuries, the throngs of six great holds were on the march.  At the head of the throng of Karak Thorinkin was the kings son, Kurgandrak Druegarsson and marching to join him were the throngs of Karak Switzer, Karak Richards, Karak Allan, Karak Lounden, and Karak Dixon.  Thousands of Dwarven warriors, scores of warmachines and dozens of Gyrocopters all set to do battle across the Old World against those foes who would dare face them..."

Reviewing Dwarven Tournament Lists
The grumbling has been long and loud since the field of Horned Rat VII was revealed yesterday to show that of the 28 players attending 6 were bringing Dwarfs.  Curiously the only people who grumble about Dwarfs are non-Dwarf players...  having 6 of us at one event is going to be pretty damn good. But what exactly is everyone bringing?

Karak 'Hugh - Solid as they come' Dixon
Thane (General)
w. GW, MR Gromil, Ro Warding x3
w. BSB, MR Grungi, Shield
w. Ro Spellbreaking x2, MR Passage, Ro Stone, Shield
w. Ro Spellbreaking x2, Ro Stone, Shield

Seems that nearly everyone is taking the MR Grungi, probably in recognition of our inability to close quickly with shooting armies and those that can spam a lot of magic missiles. Add the MR Grungi in with a Runesmiths MR1 and your units get a 4+ WS vs. magical shooting and direct damage spells; that includes the new Wood Elf arrows.  Standard character set up for Karak Dixon, MR Passage allows a unit to auto-pass dangerous terrain tests.  Ro Warding gives his General a 4+WS.

38 x Warriors - FC, GW
20 x Quarrellers - FC, GW
22 x Hammerers - FC, MR Groth One Eye, Ro Fire, Ro Striking
Cannon - Ro Forging
Cannon - Ro Forging, Ro Burning
6 x Rangers
Organ Gun - Ro Forging Ro Accuracy

3 blocks, all stubborn thanks to Groth One Eye.  Flaming attack on Hammerer Veteran to negate regeneration on any attacking monster.  Good amount of artillery and 3 redirectors to keep the warmachines safe.  Nice solid list.

Karak 'McCrae - Buzz Buzz' Lounden
Runesmith (General)
w. Ro Stone, Ro Spellbreaking x2, Shield
w. Ro Stone, Ro Spellbreaking x2, MR Passage, Shield
w. BSB, Shield, MR Grungi

Club mate McCraes list is light on characters but he really values to Spell eating options, yet another MR Grungi.

35 x Warriors - Veteran, Standard, GW
24 x Warriors - Veteran, Standard, Shields
20 x Hammerers - Veteran, Standard
Cannon - Ro Forging
G/Thrower - Ro Accuracy, Ro Burning
5 x Gyrocopters - 1 vanguard
16 x Irondrakes - Musician, Veteran
Organ Gun - Ro Accuracy, Ro Forging

Like me McCrae likes big blocks but he has concentrated his in his Warriors rather than even them out. Don't think the Hammerers are large enough IMO.  Shield block is interesting choice and will probably be a roadblock protecting war machines.  Big inclusion in this list are McCrae's FIVE Gyrocopters. Going to fun to see that lot buzzing around the table top.

Karak 'Adam - Big Cajones' Richards
Thane (General)
w. Shield, Ro Warding x3
w. BSB, MR Grungi, Strollaz Rune, Ro Slowness
w. Ro Spellbreaking x2, Ro Dismay, Ro Fire
w. Ro Spellbreaking x2, Ro Furnace, Ro Dismay

Adam 'Big Cajones' Richards has taken yet another of his out there lists.  Probably the most inventive local Dwarf player and the most staunch Dwarf player in the country.  Once you see Strollaz on the BSB you know that he has built a vanguarding army.  

29 x Longbeards - FC, Shields, Strollaz
28 x Longbeards - FC, Shields, Strollaz, Sanctuary
23 x Hammerers - FC, MR Groth One Eye
3 x Gyrocopters - 1 Brimstone Gun, 2 Vanguards
6 x Rangers - Veteran, Musician
6 x Rangers - Veteran

Yep its vanguarding all right and there are NO that's right NO warmachines.  3 big blocks all marching up 12" before the 1st turn, assuming the BSB goes into the Hammerers.  Not only that but they are all stubborn due to Groth One Eye and have the 5+/4+ WS from MR Grungi.  Rangers go down to stop any opponent from blocking his vanguard moves and the Gyrocopters vanguard to protect his armies flanks - although he might deploy using one table edge as a flank protector.  I'd like to play this list but I don't have the cajones for it. At 12" away its only a roll of 9 on 2d6 for him to get charges off in turn one.  

Karak 'Simon - built to castle' Switzer
Runesmith (General)
w. Ro Spellbreaking, GW, Ro Stone
w. BSB, GW, Ro Stone, Ro Furnace, Shield
w. Ro Stone, Ro Furnace, GW

I hope the 2nd Runesmith's kit out was a typo on Simons list because I can't figure out why he doesnt have a Ro Spellbreaking.  BSB not that well protected 2+, 6++ and 2++ vs. Flaming.  Points have all gone into Troops

49 x Warriors -  FC, GW
12 x Quarrellers - GW, Musician
30 x Hammerers - FC
30 x Hammerers - FC
Cannon - Ro Forging, Ro Burning
Cannon - Ro Forging
Organ Gun - Ro Forging, Ro Accuracy
Organ Gun - Ro Accuracy

OK, I would not want to face this.  49 Warriors and 2 blocks of 30 stubborn Hammerers are going to cause a serious amount of pain.  But lack of Gryo's and smaller units make it easy for fast moving and skirmishing opponents to outflank, get off multiple charges and negate his ranks.  Karak Castle in Corner is alive and well.

Karak 'Alistair - I'm setting you on Fire' Allan
Lord (General)
w. Oathstone, MR Alaric the Mad, Ro Speed, Ro Iron x3, Shield

Finally a Lord character, the only one in 6 Dwarf lists and with an Oathstone to boot.  Guess he is going in the Ironbreakers so thats a 5+PS all around with no flanks or rear and full supporting attacks in every direction.  He'll have to declare and accept challenges but is well protected.  Toughness 6, with 3 wounds and a 3+/5++.  Attack wise its an interesting set up.  4 attacks at WS7 I5 hitting at S4 but with no Armour Saves allowed.  So if he wounds your dead and most likely he'll be hitting first.

w. BSB, MR Grungi, 2 x Ro Battle
w. Ro Spellbreaking, Fiery Ring of Thorri, Ro Stone, Shield
Master Engineer
w. Ro Fire x2, Handgun
w. Ro Spellbreaking x2, Ro Stone, Shield

Another MR Grungi and TWO Ro Battle meaning this guy adds +3 CR to every combat he is in (1 for BSB and 2 for the Runes).  Another Ring of Thorri YAH!!! But opponents may overlook the double Ro Fire on the Master Engineer which also gives him a Breath Weapon - so thats two Flaming Breath Weapons in one Dwarf army.  

11 x Thunderers - Veteran, BoPistols, Shields
11 x Thunderers - Veteran, BoPistols, Shields
20 x Quarrellers - Veteran, Shields, Musician, GW
20 x Ironbreakers - Musician, Standard, Ro Stoicism
Cannon - Ro Burning
Gyrocopter - Brimstone Gun
Flame Cannon - MR immolation
Organ Gun - Ro Accuarcy, Ro Burning

Flaming gun line?!?   2 Flame templates from the Runesmith and Master Engineer, the Flame Cannon, a Flaming Cannon and a Flaming Organ Gun with +1 to hit is painful.  Oh and the Brimstone gun is also Flaming.  Stubborn Ironbreakers in the middle.  Opponents shouldn't overlook the importance of the Pistols on the Thunderer Champions.  Stand and shoot reactions are done at the range of the shortest range weapon in the unit.  Consequently, all stand and shoot reactions in the 2 Thunderer units will occur at short-range without penalty due to Dwarf crafted so hitting on 4's at S4 AP.

So that's the other 5 Dwarf lists attending Horned Rat in two weeks time (you can read mine here).  All told the 6 Dwarven armies are bringing:
  • 14 Gyrocopters
  • 6 Cannons
  • 7 Organ Guns
  • 2 Stone Throwers
  • 1 Flame Cannon
Happy Days!!!


McCrae said...

Happy days indeed. :) It seems like the non-dawi out there are doing more grumbling than we are!

I am glad all the lists have something different. I wish I had brought the Smiting + Might lord now looking at all those lists with plenty of chariots, monsters, lords, dragons etc. The double Manticore + dragon list looks fun.

Peter Dunn said...


Hugh Dixon said...

HI John

It is also interesting to see what has not been taken across the 6 armies or rarely taken. You would expect that with 6 armies a wide variety of units might be taken. In this case the following units won't be turning up:
Daemon slayer
Dragon slayer
Master engineer
and Gyrobombers

and without Alister coming along we could add the following to that list:
Dwarf lord
and Flame cannon

John Murrie said...

@Hugh - I hadn't thought of it that way. It does kind of show what is seen to work and not work in the book. I think if you couldn't rune up Warmachines you would see more BS shooting troops and maybe the odd Slayer. But honestly a unit of 5 slayers with a musician are the same cost as a Dragon Slayer hero choice, so Id take them.