May 2, 2014

Runefang VII - Dwarfs vs. Wood Elves 2400pts

Event: Runefang VII – 2400pt WHFB Tournament
Battle: Game 4 – Battle for the Pass
First Turn: Yes
Opponent: Wood Elves (Old Book) - (Rex Foote)
Result: 19-1

The following is an extract from the history of Clan Kragdrak written by Thane Gragrundel Trollhammer of Karak Thorinkin in Imperial year 2014

It took nearly two centuries for our clan to scour the Karaks northern lands of the great forests. Our kindred among the other clans of the Thorinkin did not envy our task. Old mines overrun with Skaven and even the Daemon infested places of the great deep are terrors they would rather face than spend a day walking amongst those dank green places. If not needed for fire and forge most would be happy to burn all the forests and their inhabitants down. But then, unlike the rest of the Karak the dwarfs of Clan Kragdrak have always been happier with sky rather than stone above their heads. As rangers we maintain small copses, dwarf-made tree plantations on our lands, enough for the holds needs. But the great forests we have driven back as far as we can; the better to give us warning of any incursions by their more foul inhabitants particularly the Beastmen.
Dryads invade our lands
But it seems our latest efforts have awakened a new enemy more delicate and ethereal than the Beasts we are used to fighting but far more deadly. Wood Elves or the Fey of Athel Loren as they prefer to be known took offence to the destruction of their blasted trees; and in the year 2014 they sought retribution. If killing the Rangers of our clan was not sufficient to bear grudge against them then the foul magic which makes trees walk and invade our sacred lands was. No foe has dared do this since the Goblin Wars and the days of XXXX. Hundreds of living trees, giant beasts of the forest and other strange creatures bore down upon us marching through XXX XIX, the pass that guards our Northern border. Behind this army goading the living trees on like Clan Rats driving forward masses of Skaven Slaves were the frail shapes of the beasts Elven masters. In reply all of the clans set forth, rank upon rank of stout warriors, everyone filled with hatred for the Elves defilement of our lands.
The armies deploy and prepare to do battle
Our King son’s Kurgandrak Druegarsson was given the honour of leading the army. Following his father’s example he took position in the centre of the field surrounded by Hammerers of Clan Theolik. On either side of him were the warriors of Clan Beordin – Protectors of the Underway and Clan Vagarsson – Masters of the Forge. Clan Kragdrak’s contribution to the battle is limited. I myself stand with but a few of the Clans Quarrellers on the left flank of the army. We had been given the task of trading missile fire with those few Elves who have dared to march with their forest army. Overhead Gyrocopters swoopeed down and Steam Guns roared as they poured fire into the Elven ranks. One brave pilot Brundlodz Bigglesson earned himself a place on the clans wall of honour in the opening moments of the battle. Alone on the right flank he spied the terror inspiring advance of a gigantic Treeman. Diving toward it Bigglesson sacrificed himself to stop its advance charging and fought alone. The importance of his act would not be made clear till much later.
Moments before the Wood Elf charge - the Treeman/Gryocopter combat on the right has already begun
Driven by army wide hatred our throng marched forward toward the enemy. Overhead Cannons and Organ Guns of Clan Vagarsson roared continuously and the battlefield was soon littered with the blasted remnants of Dryads and other foul creatures. One cannon shot scored a direct hit on a 2nd giant Treeman destroying it utterly with a single flaming cannon ball. On the left flank our crossbows proved stronger than Elven arrows but not as strong as their magic. As the armies closed with each other not even the efforts of our Runesmiths could stop a number of spells getting through. As Organ and Steam Guns shattered Dryad after Dryad my Dwarfs lowered their crossbows at the sight of a dark lightning streaked cloud arcing toward the warriors of Clan Beordin on our right.
The victims of the Elves Pit of Shades
The dark cloud settled, shimmered and then opened a huge pit below the Warriors of the Clan. Into that hole fell scores of Dwarfs. Amongst them the Thane of Clan Beordin and the armies Battle Standard Bearer and a Runesmith whose name, to my shame, I did not know. They fell, lost to that Pit of Shades, a Pit which closed as suddenly as it had opened.
Turn 3 and things are still balanced
Emboldened by the success of their magic the entire Elven army then charged our lines. We watched as Dryads and other strange creatures smashed into our kindred. Great Axes rose and fell and brightest amongst them was the Great Axe of Kurgandrak Druegarsson.
A Dryad unit weakened by artillery fire makes its charge

Driven by hatred Kurgandrak and his Hammerers cleaved their way through the enemy’s ranks. On either side the Warriors of Clan Beordin and Clan Vagarsson fought with equal ferocity. Despite their strength and agility the Dryads seemed unable to hit let alone wound our Warriors. Few Dwarfs fell as result of the enemy’s charge, but scores of the enemy were themselves felled.

The Elven mage was also ineffective as our armies sole surviving Runesmith Thurlok Daemonsbane dispelled the Elf’s magic with ease. My own clan’s crossbows and the Steam Guns of our Gyrocopters also began to take heavy toll on the enemy. The Elven archers to our front were wiped out and were followed soon after by the mage and the only survivor the so called Hero that carried the Elven Battle Standard fled before us.
The Elven centre begins its charge toward the Hammerers
It was now that the sacrifice of Brundlodz Bigglesson and its importance was made clear. Stopped from advancing around our right flank the gigantic Treeman was unable to help its kindred. If left unopposed its great bulk would have hit the unprotected flank of Clan Vagarsson Warriors. While Bigglesson fought his last stand our army destroyed the invader, utterly. Not a single Elf, beast or Tree was left. The cowardly Elven Standard Bearer was ground into the mud along with his kindred, and his banner taken back to the Karak.
The end of the battle.  A field clear of Elves and full of Dwarves
The gigantic creature faced by Bigglesson could have turned the tide in their favour, but it the sole survivor of the invaders army, fled the field. Using some fey magic it managed to escape our efforts to destroy it. But its time will come. The creature whatever it is has been entered into our Karaks Book of Grudges. Even now my Rangers have begun scouting north into Elven lands. We will find that Treeman and the forest home of its Elven masters. Find it, destroy it and ensure that never again do they desecrate our lands.

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Nice report, very well done. If your coming to the Horned Rat then i look forward to facing you again, with all my new shiny arrows