June 26, 2014

2400pt Dwarf tournament list for Panzershrek

Jeff being the social gamer he is has demanded requested that army lists for Panzershrek be submitted by this Saturday.  To be honest I'd been distracted by the restrictive comp (at least for Dwarfs) at Call to Arms and had forgotten about Panzershrek next month.  As its ETC comp and the rules haven't changed (for Dwarfs anyway) I am going to take a slightly modified version of the list I finished 10th with at Horned Rat.  To late to change it now as I submitted it 10 minutes ago...

The throng of Karak Thorinkin

Runesmith (General) - 128pts
w. Ro Stone, Shield, Ro Spellbreaking, Ro Warding x2

Dropped the Thane general as for his points he didn't really add much other than L10.  150pts he cost is better spent elsewhere.  Runesmith general is fine and I opted to give him a WS to make him a little more survivable - although Neil Williamson isn't attending the event so I won't have to worry about him Killing Blowing my General for the 3rd event in a row.

Runesmith - 108pts
w. Shield, Ro Spellbreaking x2

Dropped the Firey Ring as it proved to be somewhat ineffective.  Would be better on a Lord with higher initiative or the MR Swiftness due to rules about when breath weapons are used.

Thane (BSB) - 206pts
w. GW, MR Grungi, Ro Slowness x2

Key change here is GW swapped for shield and addition of 2 Runes of Slowness requiring any charging enemy to roll 2d6 and subtract highest dice roll from their charge distance.  Works even if unit being charged is already in combat so limits opponents ability to get off multiple charges.

Master Engineer - 91pts
w. GW, Ro Stone, Ro Impact

Taking this guy to go with the Stone Throwers.  Ro Impact is a cheap trick I read about on Bugmans.  Gives him 1 impact hit.  If you charge with him to protect warmachines it means he gets a S5 impact hit to help with combat resolution.  Artillery master makes 1 stone-thrower super accurate and I can entrench the Cannon to protect it better.

29 x Warriors - 320pts
w. Full command, GW

28 x Warriors - 310pts
w. Full command, GW

Couple more bodies added into these guys.  Did look at taking one in a horde of 40 but opted to spend points elsewhere.

10 x Thunderers - 140pts
w. Musician, Shields

Dropped unit of 8 Rangers from previous list to add these guys in as warmachine protection, will be joined by Master Engineer.  Thunderers taken over Quarrellers as S4 AP is better than S4 even at reduced range.

25 x Hammerers - 445pts
w. Champion, Standard, MR Groth the One-Eye

One less body and Champion taken so I can have the option of putting someone other than the general in there and protect him from challenges.  12" Stubborn bubble is an auto-include.

10 x Miners - 130pts
w. Musician, Blasting Charges

Needed these guys to take out TK and Empire warmachines.  Without Anvil they are slightly less effective but people forget that they come on in 'Soft-cover' so -1 to shoot at them and the Blasting charges are S4 Flaming AP Quick to Fire RNG 4".  Only one use but 10 of these coming at you is not nice if they are charged and I can also come on, move and then throw them at a Warmachine or something.  If not needed to come on underground they can be deployed to help protect the warmachines.

Grudge Thrower - 105pts
w. Ro Accuracy

Grudge Thrower - 110pts
w. Ro Accuracy, Ro Burning

Going for two of these guys (thanks to Adam for lending me his one).  Combined with Gyro's I have 5 templates to plonk down on top of people now.

Cannon - 145pts
w. Ro Forging

Gyrocopter - 80pts

Gyrocopter - 80pts

Gyrocopter - 80pts

No vanguard on the Gyro's as frankly vanguard only works if you win the dice roll.

TOTAL 2,398 (Hero 22%, Core 32%, Special 46%)

I'm sure this won't strike fear into the hearts of the more "broken" book armies out there (DoC, WoC, Skaven, DE) but it should still cause problems if I can play right.  More importantly because the event is literally 1 minutes walk away from my house I will arrive wide awake on Day 1 and hopefully won't suffer my usual Saturday morning 'Duh' fest.

On another note for any gamers out there interested in Terrain building I strongly - very strongly - suggest you check out Scott Bowmans work at http://scottswargaming.blogspot.co.nz/  absolutely amazing the stuff he is building at the moment.  


Neil said...

Sorry I won't be there to kill your general again John.
I would have taken the same army tweaked as follows
Deduct one screaming skull
Downgrade Tomb King to Tomb Prince
Add one Necrosphinx (the flying one).
I knew how you liked my Sphinxes so I thought why not take 4.
Still, all the Manawatu Dwarfs can sleep easy for Panzershrek

John Murrie said...

Its always good to see you Neil I enjoy our games. Pity you and your sphinxs cant make it