June 13, 2014

Gaming limbo @ Stumpyheaven

I've just realised that I haven't posted for a few weeks.  I'm still here I have just reached a point where nothing much is happening hobby wise.

I have almost no painting on the table right now, at least nothing I'm enthusiastic about.  Game wise things are very quiet as I'm taking a break between tournaments.  My next two events are Panzershriek in July and Call to Arms in August.  Aside from that nothing to report other than...

2 boxes of Avatars of War Berserkers on order and one of their new Hammered equivalents on preorder.  So some painting there. But only 4 or 5 other models needing work.

High Elves
I am completely over this army. Lots of unpainted stuff and s half completed display board but absolutely no interest in finishing them.

4 models to paint and I want to buy a Thundertusk.  Had a grand idea to paint strip and repaint my entire collection, still might

Word Bearers/40k
Lost interest in anything except the novels. Project semi-permanently shelved. Night Lords omnibus on order for some reading.

Flames of War
Seems to have vanished from club.  Would love to be playing it bit have no opponents. Canadian armoured company partially complete, might get it finished soon.

So that's where I am right now.... In gaming limbo..but I am open to suggestions for a new project


Scott Bowman said...

New project - how about some LOTR? admittedly expensive if bought new but theres usually tons available on trademe and ebay...

lap1964 said...

You could try DBA,that way you can get 2 armies ?


John Murrie said...

I'm thinking a lot about brettonians idea of a knights templar or Teutonic knights themed army seems like fun. Plus there are a horde ofalternate cavalry minis out there. Did play swing a while back and thought it was fun. But again it comes down to opponents outside of the few tournaments I get to each year.

Jeffrey Kent said...

I could use some help building all this terrain for Panzer lol

Jampire said...

Funny I was going to suggest Bretonnians. Mostly cause each knight could be painted different and it'd be a nice break of pace. Templar and/or Teutonic themed knights would be pretty damn spectacular though.
For some inspiration for my own Bretonnians I watched a show on netflix called Warrior Graveyard. Second episode showed forensic evaluation of Knight Templar remains from the crusades. Good stuff.
Been following your blog for a few months now. Keep up the great work, you help inspire my own hobbying!

Bede said...

What's the plan for CTA? EW FJ? I can offer some tips with them - have never lost a game with em'! Will certainly see you at Panzerschreck with a brand-spanking new army to show off. :)

John Murrie said...

@ Bede - unfortunately mate I don't have any EW stuff so for the first time in 3-4 years I'll be playing Warhammer Fantasy at CTA. If it was LW I would have brought my FJ again or given a Fuhrer PzBrigade from the PDF a run.

Panzershrek I'm doing Warhammer as well - just not enough FOW locally for me to keep focused on it. Look forward to seeing your new army though