June 27, 2014

Ogres vs. Empire 2400pt Battle Report

The Mountain Claw tribe led by its General Slaughtermaster Bigears the Noddy Killer have marched into the lands of Empire in search of food and shiny stuff.  Caught off guard by the Mountain Claws sudden incursion the forces of the Empire are slow to rally.  It is not until the Ogres have devastated several villages and eaten their way through several hundred head of cattle that an Empire army manages to catch them and force them to battle.

The Ogre army was vast and extremely well fed, but slower than usual given the amount of beef it had been consuming.  Bigears was also struggling to keep his troops in check as many, with stomachs full, were expressing a strong desire to march home.  But on this day the Mountain Claws would field the following forces:
  • Bigears the Noddy Killer - Slaughtermaster Level 4 Heavens, Crown of Command, Talisman of Preservation and Gold Sigil Sword.
  • Pugwash Ratboiler - Butcher Level 2 Lore of Great Maw, Hellheart
  • Marrowbreath Stinkfeet - Bruiser Battle Standard Bearer, Rune Maw, Heavy Armour
  • Hornlugs - 9 x Ironguts, Full command, Standard of Discipline
  • Bone Splitters - 7 x Bulls. Ironfists, Musician, Champion
  • Itchy Cracks - 4 x Leadbelchers, Musician
  • Hair Pullers - 4 x Leadbelchers, Musician
  • Goblin Chewers - 3 x Mournfang, Musician, Heavy Armour, Ironfists
  • Snotfoots - 2 x Mournfang, Musician, Heavy Armour, Ironfists
  • Barney - Sabretusk
  • Errol - Sabretusk
  • Bugrots Boomstick - Ironblaster
Keeping the majority of his forces with him in the middle of the field the Snotfoots and Goblin Chewers deployed on either flank along with Barney and Errol aiming to hit the weaker Empire flanks and Warmachines.  For some reason the Leadbelchers of the Hair Pullers opted to deploy far to the left after trying to run down a few sheep for a morning snack.

The human forces rank up ready to face the Mountain Claws.  Such was their haste many had forgotten to colour their clothing and/or uniforms.
Pugwash Ratboiler (Butcher) & the Bonesplitters
Ironguts of the Hornlugs with Marrowbreath Stinkfeet in the centre of the 2nd rank and Bigears the Noddy Killer on the left on the 2nd rank
Mournfang of the Goblin Chewers
Seizing the initiative the Mountain Claws moved first advancing in a massive wave straight at the human lines.  A large impassable bricked up building split the human battleline and the Mournfang of the Goblin Chewers used it as cover from the Hellblaster volley gun deployed nearby.  Behind the advancing Ogres the Ironblaster Bugrots Boomstick remained immobilised behind a large hill after its Gnoblar driver got tangled up in the reins.  In the centre Pugwash Ratboiler led his Bulls directly at the Human Archmage seeking to use his Hellheart to send the Light mage to the Abyss.
1st Turn Ogre Moves - on the right the 2nd Mournfang unit has advanced up the board edge.  
Filthy human scum.... rockets, cannon balls, crossbow bolts and balls from black powder weapons batter the Mountain Claws ranks.  The human mage also calls forth a giant comet whose ominous shadow covers the ground in front of the advancing Ironguts  Bigears has a choice, charge the humans passing directly under the path of the comet but risk coming up short or march as far away from its landing spot as he can.
Bigears decision is made when human shooting panics the Goblin Chewers Mournfang and Bulls of the Bonesplitters.  On the right fast human cavalry aimed sneakily armed with repeating pistols cut down Mournfang from the Snotfoots, and then when the human army charges the Leadbelchers of the Itchy Cracks flee.  In a short space of time every unit in the Ogre army save for the Ironguts, Barney the Sabretusk (on the right) and the still stranded Ironblaster is fleeing.
Run away - we aren't hungry anymore and have had enough...
Enraged at the cowardice of the other tribes the Ironguts of the Hornlugs charge a detachment of human militia passing directly under the shadow of the descending comet.  It turns out to be a fatefull decision as the comet lands vapourising 4 Ironguts in seconds.  Reaching combat the Ironguts stomp, chew, bite and chop up human after human only to see them stubbornly hold their ranks.

Behind the Ironguts the Bulls and Leadbelchers continue to flee and do so for the rest of the battle eventually fleeing off the battlefield entirely disappearing into the surrounding countryside never to be seen again.  Bugrots Boomstick has finally be able to move and it now rumbles over the hill and begins to fire at the Demigryph Knights of the human army.  Barney the Sabretusk charges the human rocket battery and the Goblin Chewer Mournfang rally but more Ogres are running than fighting.
4 units fleeing - 2 rallied (3 x Mournfang & Ironblaster) and 2 in combat (Ironguts & Sabretusk)
Still locked in combat with the human militia the Mountain Claws see the sky darken yet again as the human light mage calls down another comet this one aimed behind them and between them and the rallied Mournfang.  Worse still the large infantry unit the militia were a detachment of has now charged them in the flank.

Then moments after then humans charge the 2nd comet hits the ground behind the Ironguts.  Its blast killing 6 of them while miraculously leaving the human ranks untouched. 
The comet hits
The aftermath
Stubbornly holding on the remaining Ironguts, Bigears and Marrowbreath chop the humans to bits - Bigears challenging the human Battle Standard Bearer.  With their comrades dying all around them the few remaining humans are then overcome when the 3 Mournfang of the Goblin Chewers hit them in the flank.  Overwhelmed the flee and are chased down by the victorious Ogres.

Goblin Chewer Mournfang hit the flank of the humans
The victorious Mountain Claws chase down the few remaining humans, but the Mournfang stop to feed on the corpses and let their prey escape.

But the price has been high only a single Irongut of the Hornlugs Tribe remains and the majority of the Mountain Claws tribe has fled the battlefield.

Bugrots Boomstick shots at the Demigryphs but the stupid Gnoblar mucks up (again) and the Cannon misfires

The final moments of the battle see the rest of the human army reform to face Bigears, Marrowbreath the sole surviving Irongut and the 3 Mournfang of the Goblin Chewers.  To their right Demigryphs have charged and killed Bugrots Boomstick and now a 3rd Comet hits the battlefield.

This didn't last long - although somehow one Demigryph died
Now human archers in skirmish formation draw off the Goblin Chewers and seeking to escape from the 3rd comet to hit the battlefield Bigears charges the human Greatswords with Marrowbreath and the sole remaining Hornlug Irongut in tow.
But the charge falters and then the 3rd comet hits.  In the aftermath of the explosion a 1/3 of the Mournfang and the sole surviving Irongut are dead.  But they still charge in...
The battle ends here with Bigears locked into a challenge with another human Champion and human militia augmented by wave after wave of heavens magic cleave through the Mourfang..... a 4th comet comes down called by Bigears himself its massive shadow blankets the sole remaining combat.  Human and Ogre alike flee from its descent... Bigears and Marrowbreath the only surviving members of the Mountain Claws (save for those who fled the field) take the opportunity to leave the battlefield and the battle ends....


Scott Bowman said...

I just had to read through this once I saw a name like Bigears the Noddykiller! ;-)

Jeffrey Kent said...

less comets, more social gaming please...