June 23, 2014

WIP - FOW on the painting table

Managed to get some painting in last week catching up on the small back-log of FOW work left to do. In this case a 88mm Flak Platoon and an Artillery Platoon & Platoon of Stuarts for my Canadian Armoured Company.

Stuart Platoon
WIP Stuart with completed Sherman behind it for comparison
Canadian/British Artillery platoon - still needs 2 more Sextons & an OP Sherman

88mm Flak Platoon - had to use a mix of FJ and Wehrmacht figures for the crew.
And finally a random photo of my growing collection (hideous wallpaper is courtesy of previous home-owners).  From top down we have WHFB Dwarfs, High Elves and Ogres with boxes full of FOW below them.


Scott Bowman said...

Very tidy work John. Are the 88s Grey /green for early war? And a colourful display on the shelves!

Red Dog said...

Nice work John, good to see some FoW back on the paint table :-)Quite a collection you've got there too!
Are you going to Panzerschreck and Call to Arms this year? I'm back blogging too, by the way, but at a different site. You can check it out via my avatar (Dog of War). Cheers, Paul.

John Murrie said...

@Scott - cheers, it was actually nice to be painting it again. Going to use them with my Market Garden FJ so I guess they should have been Dunkelgreb but I felt like doing them in FieldGrau

@ Red - Yes going to both and playing WHFB at both of them. EW at Call to Arms isn't something I have the models for.