June 30, 2014

WIP - High Elf Display Board Part 2

More progress on my High Elf display board with initial painting complete and scratch built ruins finished.  

The board so far
Ruined columns
Columns with Dragon Princes for size comparison
The Griffon Eyrie
Unfortunately I built these pillars before thinking about the square base, might redo them
Final stages are painting of the ruins (after I fix the bases on the ones on the Eyrie), application of snow and flock and building of the temple (ruin) floor.  Going to try my hand at free painting the design below.  
The intended design of the ruined temple floor
Putting the ruins on was kind of a last minute decision so not sure where the floor will fit...


Scott Bowman said...

Coming on well John. And I can empathise with the great efforts to consume enough wine to free up those corks for good use. Good effort that man! ;-)

Looking forward to seeing it finished.

John Murrie said...

Cheers Scott - as for the wine I can't claim it :) don't drink the stuff but managed to secure a bag of them from various sources :)