July 4, 2014

And the filth is in - Panzershrek lists are out

Its an Elf fest (of sorts) for Panzershrek next fortnight and not the good kind either... seems that 'social-gamers' will be dominating the scene at our local tournament this month.  The following armies are turning up:
  • Dark Elves - 4
  • Dwarfs - 3 (all from the mighty Manawatu)
  • Empire - 3
  • WoC - 3
  • Ogres - 2 
  • Lizards - 1
  • High Elves - 1
  • Wood Elves - 1
  • Beastmen - 1
  • Skaven - 1
Lists are the usual stuff lots of "UH" and "AGH" and "Holy Crap WTF was that".  McCrae's Dwarf list looks very nasty with his 5 Gyro Flying Circus.  Going to be fun event especially as we have the FOW Doubles going on at the same time...


Scott Bowman said...

Hope you have fun . Take lots of pics!

Peter Dunn said...

And one fluff gamer bringing Skaven

John Murrie said...

I know such a shame that someone has bring the kitty cat army to spoil things