July 31, 2014

Fluffy Boobies: Ogres vs. Dark Elves

Nice fluffy friendly game vs. Jeff's Dark Elf Booby list on Tuesday with my fluffy Ogre list for Call to Arms next fortnight.  Despite all my painting efforts with Dwarfs I have submitted my Ogre list for this event so whats on the table in the pictures below is what I'll be taking.

The Fluffy Mountain Claws Ogre Tribe
Slaughtermaster - L4, Heavens, Stubborn, 5++
Bruiser BSB - Rune Maw
Butcher - L2, Maw, Hellheart
Gut Star x10 - SoDiscipline
Bulls x8
Gnoblar Filth x20
Dog Pack
Dog Pack
Puny Mournfang x3
Even Punier Mournfang x3
Boomstick #1
Boomstick #2

Dark Elf Booby List (or as Jeff called them Brittany, Stevie, Christina and something...)
4 Flying characters each on a Pegasus
L4 with Death
3-4 Fast Cavalry units
4 RBT's

We rolled for Scenarios and ended up with Watchtower which Jeff controlled and he promptly plonked a unit of 18-24 Repeater Crossbows in it.  Naturally my Gut Star decided it had to have a go at taking it.  The Bulls went down on their left aiming primarily to get the Hellheart within range of his L4 while the Mournfang went on the flanks.  Because of his horde of RBT's the Ironblaster both went on the left where only one of the nasty buggers had LOS to me.

Deployment - Dark Elf vanguards didn't help but hopefully I could get the Gut Star into the building in Round 1
One of Jeff's Dark Elf units - the plethora of poorly clad woman in his army made me wonder somewhat... 
Turn 1 everyone charges up and some early work by the Butcher takes out a few Dark Riders with the Lore of the Great Maw.  Heavens proves to be a bust.  One Ironblaster misses while the other misfires and spins around.
Brittany and her 3 compatriots charge my Bulls and the Butcher.  You'd think 4 flying Dark Elf characters could bust them open in 1 round right?  Wrong!  I put all my attacks onto his Dreadlord General Jeff rolls and then re-rolls his AS but fails enough of them and booyah one dead Druchii General.  Yes they slaughtered lots of Bulls first but I was Stubborn due to ranks and hung on.
GutStar charges the watch-tower gets shot stomps a few Elves but fails to take it.  Meanwhile everything else is wandering around and being shot at.  The Gnoblars are gone as are the Sabretusks but Jeff's characters are all held up fighting the Bulls.
The bulls finally go down but Jeff opts not to pursue hoping to get his 3 flying girls into the flank of the Gut Star before it captures the watchtower.  But the Gut Star gets in which scuppers that plan.  I declare a raft of multiple charges with the Ironblasters and the Mournfang forcing him to double/triple flee characters away.  End result is most of his army is fleeing while mine has the key piece of terrain.  But I haven't been able to hit anyone in combat.
Flying Druchii charges an Ironblaster but fails to wound it and I make my break test hanging on.  Meanwhile I am trying to get my Mournfang into position to clear out the Druchii units around the watchtower and prevent his characters from charging in.  But those RBT's are everywhere and he keeps 6 dicing Purple Sun at me...
Things are getting dicey now.  I've held up his characters in combat, forced others to flee out of combat but can't get my surviving Mournfang into combat with anybody.  The GutStar is also being reduced by Death Magic as the Purple Sun keeps going off.  I get of one Comet which ends up with 4 markers on it but everyone is out of the way by the time it comes down.
The Gut Star is no more.  Jeff uses his fast cavalry to keep my Ironblasters and Mournfang out of combat with double flee moves while his characters and a unit of Dark Riders charge into the building.  The Ironguts get destroyed pretty quickly so its down to the Slaughtermaster (2 wounds already) and the BSB (1 wound taken) to hang on. This picture was taken in Turn 5/6.
Last throw of the dice - literally.  My armies gone, but my General and BSB are still alive and still hold the watch-tower which in tournament news (with Jeff's General dead) the game is roughly even. 
The game went down to the end of Turn 6 and literally the last throw of the dice with Jeff finally killing off my Slaughtermaster and BSB to capture the Watchtower.

The list worked reasonably well but I misused/misdeployed a couple of units and probably should have kept the Bulls back.  If I had his characters would have had to move around the Watchtower to get into charge range of anything which would have allowed me to set up flank charges with the Mournfang and shots with the Ironblasters.

Lore of Heavens was a complete bust so not enough protection defensively as Lore of Great Maw is and not as offensively powerful as Lore of Death.  Going to stick to Maw on both the L4 and L2 as I know how to use them and they are good at buffing the Ogres and helping them in combat which is where they excel.


Peter Dunn said...

Those Pegasus "angels" look a lot like the models Tim Joss is using.

Neil said...

Come on John, how am I supposed to make a killing blow on your general now?