July 17, 2014

Panzershrek XIII - Day 1 Report

Game 1 vs. Skaven (Pete Dunn)
Not the ideal match up for me particularly in the first round.  Pete's list as always was incredibly fluffy and full of the niceness that is Skaven.  Having army wide hatred was nice as was getting the first turn but then the Storm Banner came down and thinks went pear shaped from there.  I was counting on the Gyros to remove the Slaves for me with help from the Stone Throwers.  The banner stayed up till Turn 4 I think and while the Cannon did get to fire once managing to kill the Screaming Bell it was down to close combat.
Our armies positions after the 1st Turn.  I moved up using the impassable building on the left as protection against the Doomwheel, but the other one had to be stopped by sacrificing a Gyro to get it.
 I also got lucky in that Pete had horrible luck with the winds of magic getting 3-4 dice in each of the first 3 turns and his biggest number of PD coming in Turn 6 when he got 7.  The MR Grungi unfortunately wasn't as useful as it could have been as most of the Skaven magic were direct damage not magic missiles.  I also kept the scrolls safe for the dreaded 13th foolishly allowing him to keep the Gyros grounded even after the Storm Banner lifted in Turn 5
The Miners came on but I forgot to throw their Cinder Blast bombs at the Warp Lightning Cannon.  They were charged by a full unit of Slaves and somehow 1 Miner held for 2 rounds keeping this block out of the way of the rest of my army.
Meanwhile in my rear the Gutter Runners came on and killed off the warmachines which were unable to do anything due to the Storm-Banner.  The did only have to kill 2 of them as one Grudge Thrower misfired and blew up in Turn 3.
If only the rocket pods were real
Combat was as you would expect.  I hacked through everything but he was stubborn as he had more ranks and I couldn't do enough damage or get his big block that had all the points in it.  Without artillery I needed to wade through the slaves quickly but just couldn't do it.
This was around Turn 5 and my unit on the hill is about to get flank charged and munched.  The Hammerers are already dead meaning none of my units are Stubborn anymore.
In the end I couldn't get any shooting off consistently enough to make a difference and the grounded Gyro's were a major problem.  Final result was somewhat flattering when you consider how little magic Pete had to play with

Result 4-16 Loss
Game 2 vs. Dark Elves (Sam Whitt)
Sam's army won best painted at the tournament and well deserved it was because it was a beautiful looking army.  I have to be honest and say I voted for Glen/Greg's Dark Elves as I liked his colour scheme and thought the way he had achieved its muted look was superb, the Dragon especially.  Anyway Sam had a massive Cold One Bus with 10 Knights and 4 characters in it some Witch Elves and a bunch of Shooting etc.

This game came down, in the end, to a single mistake on my part a mistake that basically turned what was a reasonably even match-up into a massive win for Sam.
Our deployments - the cards at the base of my units are to remind me who does what and where my scrolls are.  Building in the middle of table was as per ETC rules impassable.
While my shooting chewed through a lot of stuff and was very effective, the Grudge Throwers in particular the battle would be decided by the position my two left hand blocks took in this picture. 
The picture above shows the mistake that cost me.  I advanced the Hammerers in the centre of my line too far forward.  This left the Warriors open to being charged by the Black Knights and the 4 characters in that unit.  Now that wouldn't have been an issue normally as I could survive the charge. But by moving the Hammerers so far forward the Dark Elves attacking the Warriors were out of their front arc and I couldn't counter charge.

Meanwhile on the right my 2nd Warrior block gets stuck into the half naked Witch Elves - 30+ attacks coming it against me.  This battle would last several turns.
The end result of my mistake...
 What happened after the charge.  The Dark Elves slaughtered my Warriors and the Hammerers had to reform to be able to charge in support of them.  This gave Sam 3 rounds of combat to wipe them out - the 1st when they charged, the 2nd in my turn when I reformed the Hammerers, and the 3rd in his turn.  After the 3rd he won reformed and was set up waiting for the Hammerers to come in.

What happened next really didn't help.... a PURPLE SUN right through the entire Hammerer unit killing 20/25 of them and effectively ending any hope I had of them taking out the Black Knights.

The final result my remaining block kills off the Witch Elves but then gets charged and everyone dies.  Sam had wisely shot off the Gyro's early and they were unable to help me after Turn 2.

Result 0-20 Loss

Game 3 vs. High Elves (Jeff Kent)
Jeffrey had to step in and replace Hamish Gordon who hadn't turned up on the day with his Empire.  For his army Jeff borrowed my High Elves (courtesy of my living 2 minutes away from the venue) and took a Dragon Mage, Frosty, White Lion Bus, Reaver list just for fun.  As a technical bye he awarded (as he was the TO not a player) everyone who came up against him 10pts (I think).  But we still played it out.

The Cannon and Grudge Throwers kill off the Dragon Mage so the Frosty has to charge in by itself
 End result Jeff played High Elves like he plays Lizards double fleeing and evasion and an absolute fear of anything resembling close combat.  I shot off a few blocks and killed a few minor things but the game ran out to an inevitable draw as I couldn't catch his big blocks

Final Result 9-11 Loss

Final points for Day 1 was a very disappointing 13pts, bumped up to 14pts as a result of the bye score from Game 3.  I made some dumb mistakes that cost me badly in Game 2 but enjoyed myself immensely.


Jeffrey Kent said...

"Jeff played High Elves like he plays Lizards" - classic social gamer

The Kiwi said...

The enjoyment usually is the better pay off over any points you get.
Great report.

Anonymous said...

Great report. I like the idea of having the cards on the base of the units. It is simple and helps you remember things that are quite easy to forget.