July 14, 2014

Panzershrek XIII - FOW & X-Wing Photos

Another Panzershrek is over, my first as a competitor in the WHFB rather than the FOW competition, and a thoroughly enjoyable weekend it was.  Great job by Jeff Kent organising and running the WHFB event and he did some fantastic work building ETC compatible terrain for all of the tables.

Took around 200 photos at the event of the WHFB and FOW competitions as well as some of the exhibition games being staged.  Enjoyed playing two of these in particular Phil Yates Flames of the Sky an aerial combat version of FOW and X-Wing and thought I'd share some photos from X-Wing and the FOW competition before launching into a report on the Warhammer side of things.  

The photos should all expand out if you click on them - the FOW ones are pretty large.


 Flames of War Doubles Event


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The Kiwi said...

Excellent photos from a great looking event.