July 23, 2014

Veni Vidi Vici - The Romans are coming

I've always been a history buff. Two periods in particular fascinate me the Punic Wars and Caesars campaigns in Gaul.  Consequently I've always wanted to paint up some Roman minis.  Evan from my local club kindly gave me a box of 1:72 scale Romans from Warlord games at Panzershrek and they are my new project.  I'm going to take tips from Scott Bowmans blog Scott's Wargaming and look at building a replica of the fortifications Caesar built around Alessia.  The figures aren't the right sort being imperial praetorians but they'll be good painting practice.


Old Fogey said...

Always nice to see guys branching out into new territory, good luck with them!

Scott Bowman said...

Well thats a change, didnt see Romans coming at all!

What rule set you planning to use?

John Murrie said...

Not really planning on playing them. Just going to paint them and build a diorama. Warlord games to make a good rule set called hail Caesar though. It also comes with a great starter set. A lot of guys in the club play a modified version of Impetus which is a good rule set