July 7, 2014

WIP - AoW Dwarf Berserkers & Dwarf movement tray idea

Finally finished assembling all of my Avatars of War Berserkers last night and getting them based up in a way that worked.  I used 3 40x40mm bases as part of the construction process so the 40 models gave me 2 full units - 1 of 40 and 1 of 10 models.  Thanks to Hamish from my local club too for the Troll which I've included in the Slayer horde for a bit of character.  Aim is to get these guys finished in time to take them to Call to Arms in August where I plan on taking a Vanguard list - Strollazing Longbeards, Rangers, Miners and Strollazing Slayers + Gyrocopters


Also did some work on a vague new idea for my Dwarf movement trays.  I find it difficult to get sand/grit to stick to the wooden Sarissa trays properly so wanted to do something else to make them stand out.  So had a go at painting runes all around the edges spelling out the name of my Dwarfs hold Karak Thorinkin and the various clans it contains.  Realised as a project it will take me a very long time to complete...

Runic movement tray - idea in progress

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Scott Bowman said...

I like the runic movement tray idea :-)