July 2, 2014

WIP - Avatars of War Dwarf Beserkers/Slayers

Nice delivery from Wayland Games last Friday two boxes of AoW Berserkers their substitute for the GW Dwarf Slayers.  Each box contains 20 models and I managed to pick both up for NZ$75 or the equivalent of a single standard box of GW miniatures or 2 boxes of 5 metal GW Slayers.

What do you get for your money???

The main sprue - 5 of these each with 4 bodies on it.
Command group sprue

Each of the 5 main sprues contains enough parts to make 4 Dwarfs.  Each Dwarf consists of a set of legs, torso, left arm, right arm, head and hair crest plus weapons.  Each of the 4 sets of legs differ slightly, the torsos are all similar and the four heads vary to a small degree as do the 4 crests of hair.  Weapon options allow you to equip 3 models with 2 hand-weapons each and 1 with a double-handed great weapon.  Although you also have the option of creating models that hold a mug of ale, give the finger, or hold a severed orc head.  Assembly is easy enough, mould lines are pretty good but liquid green stuff is definitely needed to fill in and smooth out the joints.  Weapons poses are pretty good the only tricky part is ensuring you use the right arms for the guy with the Great Weapon (although you can have it held in one hand if you like - which I have done).  The plastic also seems to adhere more quickly to standard glue than GW stuff, not sure why.

HINT - Do not glue the models to the bases when assembling them.  Use blue-tac or something as these guys are difficult to rank up so you need to get their positions sorted before you glue them.

Assembled models all ranked up
Close up of front rank showing two of the options (1) giving the finger and (2) holding an orc head
View from the back 
 Of course the important issue for Dwarf players is how do they compare vs. GW models.  Against GW latest Dwarf Warriors they fit in exceedingly well (IMHO) and are on a similar scale.  It is only against the GW slayer model that you notice major differences in the size of the models.  However, non-Dwarf players should note that the GW Metal Slayer is actually out of proportion vs. the rest of the Dwarf range being slightly larger than the standard Dwarf with a bigger head and larger limbs.

GW Warrior on left, AoW Berserker in middle and GW Slayer on right

Overall, I'm very happy with the models and how they look and they will fit into my army really nicely. Looking forward to painting them over the next couple of weeks aiming to take them Call to Arms in August.

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Scott Bowman said...

Very cool. You'd think GW might learn from this and adjust their prices as otherwise they are sure to lose more market share?