August 8, 2014

1st Roman Praetorian complete(ish)

Took a little break from painting Ogres to have a go at completing one of my 1:72 Warlord Games Praetorian guard figures.  Assembling them was easy and enjoyable, the figures look great with nice clean mould lines and strong detailing, only the Pilums are a bit off being slightly too thick for what they represent.  Painting them was also easier than I thought and definitely easier than painting Gnoblars.
Armour not completely done as I need to do the buckles and bronze areas but its pretty much there. Basic process was Dark Grey base coat, Nuln Oil wash, Dry brush with Boltgun metal and then another wash.  Red areas are Mephiston Red, Nuln Oil wash, Mephiston Red highlights, Red Wash. Skin is Dwarf Flesh, Ogyrn Flesh Wash, Dwarf flesh highlights and more flesh wash.
Shield still needs touching up and I can't do the base yet as I used all my grit finishing my Ogres and their movement trays off.  Just 20 more figures to go and then a display of the battle of Alessia to work out.
The kit also comes with transfers for the shields which I'll have a go at putting on tonight if I can and luckily I found enough spare WHFB bases to finish off the entire box.


Baconfat said...

He came out terrific; especially with the fact he's only 1/72. I hope you finish the rest soon.

The Kiwi said...

He looks real good. Great job.