August 31, 2014

WIP - High Elf Dragon & some finished Romans

More work completed on my Dragon and first lot of Romans all done.  Few issues with decals which didn't turn out well but both looking goodish.

Found out that the Dragon is Asarnil the Dragon Lord an old 5th High Elf character


Sam said...

Hi mate

Both look really good. If I could make one suggestion, if you water down the green highlights a bit more they will blend really nice and give a smoother finish. Just nitpicking dude as it looks ace.

John Murrie said...

I'll try that thanks mate. The whole blending thing is next on my ist of techniques to learn

Phil said...

Beautiful minis, the dragon is really impressive!

The Kiwi said...

Two lots of great looking painting.

Scott Bowman said...

Coming on well... I don't fancy the Romans chances in that engagement though!